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The money rolling out. The student at Jackson Reed high school is studying for a career in hospitality and tourism. Others are getting ready for careers in healthcare or robotics. Our students will earn industry sort of patience and many hard to feel areas. And it's exciting and safe that they get to do that work while they're in high school. School Chancellor Louis therapy and state superintendent of education, Christina grant, say more than 4800 students are enrolled in career and technical education across 16 high schools. In northwest, Neil all I can stay in WTO. Federal aviation administration has launched an investigation into yet another close call between two aircraft, this one at Boston Logan international airport this week, Monday evening. CBS correspondent lily a Luciano has more. Another close call at one of the nation's major airports. This one between a jet blue commercial plane only moments away from landing in Boston when a private jet passed onto the runway and took off without clearance. The FAA is blaming the charter flights pilot, saying the tower told the pilot to wait short of the runway. Flight aware shows the JetBlue plane just 100 feet from the ground before it pulls up. The close call at Logan is the latest near miss involving commercial aircraft in just the past few months. There was one that John F K airport in New York and January a second in Austin, Texas and February and a third off the coast of Hawaii back in December. You are listening to one O 3.5 FM and WTO P dot com. You don't know when or where a breaking news is going to happen. Or where you'll be when it does. We're talking to

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