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What would you like the power to do? Copyright 2023 Bank of America NA. This is WTO news. It's one 45 I'm rich hunter, thanks for being with us. We are learning that a two year old in manassas park had to be revived following an overdose Friday. Mass is park police and fire crews came to a home on black hot court, not far from manassas drive at around 8 30 in the morning. There they found an unresponsive two year old boy. They gave the boy nar can reviving him. He was transported to Prince William hospital and then in nova fairfax for advanced medical care. Two women found at the home 33 year old Ashley polls are in 26 year old Savannah Jones, were arrested for outstanding warrants in multiple counties. Police also obtained a search warrant for the home for further investigation and more charges could be coming. Luke Luger WTO P news. A pedestrian was struck and killed in the district by truck carrying a trash dumpster. Police say it happened early Friday morning in an alley just off cue street southeast. The roll off dumb truck was dropping off one dumpster and picking up another when the truck backed into a man who was laying in the alley. The victim was identified as 27 year old Joshua Richmond who didn't have a fixed address according to authorities. The incident remains under investigation. A recent pew survey shows even when women make as much as their male counterparts, they do most of the chores. A lot boils down to two tradition two traditional perceptions. The few study looked at how do people value men's contributions versus women's contributions and men's contributions are still largely focused on work and earnings where women's are more on caregiving. So there's a lot of expectations for men and women in marriages and how they're going to act and what kind of jobs are going to do. That can be changed, but it takes effort, it takes time, and sometimes some struggle. That CVS news money watch reporter, Amy P key. About 45% of women earn about the same or more than their husbands, that is about triple what it was 50 years ago. Thinking inflation will kill plans for a summer vacation, then you'll want to reshape that budget soon. If you are dreaming of going someplace tropical, but don't think you can afford it, there are some things you can start doing. U.S. news and World Report suggests cut back on all extraneous expenses, including eating out and impulse spending. Step two, consider getting a travel rewards credit card for discounts on flights and lodging, as long as you pay it off completely every month. Third book early and finally, perhaps skip the summer vacay and travel off season

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