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Washington Redskins. Please. Six three. Cumulus station. Wildfire toll rising hand-counted motion. I'm Barbara Kusak. Seven more victims have been found in northern California's wildfire Butte county sheriff Corey Honi made. The announcement authorities continued to search the devastated town a paradise for human remains. We continue to work towards identifying individuals of the total number which is down sixty three. We have a tentative identification on fifty three election offices across Florida will have to hand count. Almost fifty four thousand ballots in the US Senate race, the attorney for the L gore two thousand presidential recount, David boies believes the chances are less now than they were eighteen years ago that the outcome will change is not nearly as close as two thousand as opposed tied to make up four or five hundred votes. They're talking about making up more than ten thousand volts, and to do that you're going to have to find something happened with those machines in terms of not counting. All the votes figure that out with a manual recount. The US is imposing economic sanctions on seventeen. Saudi officials implicated in the murder of Washington Post journalist, Jamal Shuki. Correspondent Michelle Kosinski says Saudi Arabia decided to seek the death penalty for five of the accused the Saudis say there was an argument a physical fight the officials restraining shocked she and injecting him with an overdose of a sedative kashogi. She's body was then cut into pieces. No word on why these negotiators obviously had tools to do that is remains taken away and given to a local collaborator to a still undisclosed location. State Department spokesman said the US remains confident that promises made by President Trump in North Korean leader, Kim Jong oon that there's summit will be fulfilled. The common comes after Pyongyang said it successfully tested a new tactical weapon a powerful. Six point six magnitude earthquake struck east of the Solomon island in the South.

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