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Eighties visit with the us mail yesterday as you know he's help somebody else. Group people gonna like this president. Wish a d life was going swell till something happened. Glue everything he stumbled all set a woman up. The block just gave birth to mom says cellular. The circus girl said no. There's one there's one thing lower than a sideshow. Great is a brady scum sucking pencil. See if you'd like bashar buggy whip body with a frame you got yourself a pretty pencil team skull side of the one but a pencil were over. Couldn't hardly sleaze without knocking. Woman after a nice juicy steak need to just retry. they'll do drink one day. We cut one up for visually. Learned our lesson just a little bit late soon as they get the drink. Water turn red next day shirt. All the fish word thin pencil. Gritty scott aside v had is a one man street abso negative. Stay night you know where i can be fire eddie into the ground. So keep the page and glassy. You can trust. I won't give up until the last eight nine pretty scott. Suddenly he's a one man. Louis speaks for the guy gonna be real hard time for all these. Scrums travel kickin. Nailbiting scam francesa dirty Mr blassie glassy realize that on the of gasoline about you all afternoon here in his middle summer. And you're sitting there with that dollar all the way up here jim. I realized i wonder. Let's look i saw. Don't you throw john. Thousand old ally com broke as gene. Was this week's three way. Dance off three songs from on three best songs really. I think prone the classy freddie blassie ep king of men so that was of course pencil neck geek proven course. Well at least the guy's not racist and before that was us mail and at least the guy's not racist and king of men the title track certain things off. So i'm sorry at all the Any ladies out there who might have been offended by what you just heard but It's a piece of history from wrestling in quote it was a simpler time unquote when people could say stuff like that and not get away with it. I guess you're listening to Rustling which fan boomers veroni during rust on paramedic and via various streaming podcast download things. Now more for death before dishonor preview on gloria by her night to quin mckay announced that too mystery free agents will be in singles competition against each other at death before dishonor september third. it was revealed that former. Wb wrestler jake atlas and taylor rust were the aforementioned competitors. Shane taylor promotions jesper con moses. Maddox and shane. Taylor will defend their early age world. Six man tag team championships against law own and gobbly gobber now play hansel dragon lee kenny king and lobby del ring and homicide chris dickson and tony dipping of violence unlimited challenged any pure wrestlers past present and future to a six man tag team match at the event on the august thirty first edition of week by week former pure champion john walters arroyo each top prospect. Ls g an independent wrestler. Lee moriarty answered the challenge. And i can only imagine if those guys come on. Top of that one is going to be the most amazing day for them.

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