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Extraction. it's all goes on in while my capsule city I guess. London. So so that is another sort of interesting angle is yeah. How do people have live along side each other I think that's something that's definitely comes up. A lot in in the film. So we'll have to have a look at that impart to as well. All right eight. She kind of as just as a side I feel in a slightly weird situation of knowing the Russian capital much better than I know my own capital city because I've visited London quite a few times over the years. I lived in Moscow for five. So that's that's different relationship. Yeah. Yeah. Although I was I was an ex pat or economic migrant enter into Moscow So I had a slightly abnormal experience from if I was just a a Russian moving to the city. Under more standard circumstances I guess Oh share. Yeah. I sort of experienced it around me but sort of feel even fights interesting putting. Yeah. Because my job I was interacting with Russians, a lot. But for most most of it took a long time to get good at Russian I was interacting. With. Them in my language rather than that has which puts you on a different footing. So yes. Yeah. So anyway Okay. Well, I think that's Certainly give some things to be thinking about as as we watched the film So we're going to launch into that now and I won't. So what we do on this program is we speak some Russian so an might be dredging up memory from. Wall Back I. Do. What Eureka Garen said when he was. Blasting off to become the first man in space oh shoot. You know actually I don't. I can't remember him not a very good student in my. Remind me. Pioli. Pyeho. That's the one Paoli thing I do like that word. Yeah. On. It's. It's funny because it's just something you can say just in normal life if you're in in a car and you're setting off on a journey and that's what you say. We go perfect. Yeah. Okay. Cool there. there. Are many many good. One word Russian phrases that seemed to encapsulate the perfect energy just like that. Yeah it's Interesting comparing it to English because. A lot of the time in Russian is very economical. You can just use one word is not always the easiest word to learn how to say too. But so but yeah, once you've got it, it's like, oh, fantastic I don't need to say like string a whole sentence together I can just convey something. This magical word. So all three, one, two, three..

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