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On Wall Street. Let's bring in John Tucker to get a look at what's going on in New York and around the world, John. And Nathan a federal jury in New York will soon determine whether the man who plowed a truck through a Manhattan bike path in 2017 should get the death penalty. Minutes into deliberations jurors asked the judge if they could discuss the Biden administration's moratorium on carrying out federal executions. The jury also wanted to know if it was okay to discuss lethally injection as the method of death for say fellow sy poth in both cases the judge said no. Seinfeld killed 8 people in the attack. No more concerts at the Main Street armory in Rochester, at least not until city officials figure out why two women were crushed to death by surging crowd after a rap concert Sunday Night. Police chief David Smith. I'm going to give my investigators all the time that they need together all the facts in this. This is certainly not something that we want to be a rush to judgment. Chief Smith says 8 other people were hurt. Russia unleashed a massive missile barrage targeting across Ukraine early today, getting residential buildings and killing at least 5 people in the largest scale such attack in three weeks, several people were killed in the Levi region after a missile struck a residential area. Rescue workers were combing through rubble looking for possible victims. Forecasters say another atmospheric river is taking amid northern and Southern California, its expended arrived this morning. This comes after massive snowstorms that left people in some mountain communities without power for days. Parts of Madera county under evacuation warnings because of flooding concerns. Is there a danger here is you don't only have this major atmospheric river coming through, but you have massive amounts of snow that is going to melt all at the same time. So there is an absolute huge threat here. County's share of Tyson pogues as some people are still trapped in their homes. Global news 24 hours a day powered by more than 2700 journalists and analysts in over 120 countries, I'm John Tucker, and this is Bloomberg, Nathan. Thank you, John. 5 33 on Wall Street time for the Bloomberg sports update brought to you by tri state out here's John stanchion. Thanks Nate, the busy time in college, basketball in the big story was the end of a very successful and extremely lengthy coaching career, Jim bay, I'm took over at Syracuse in 1976, he arrived on campus as a freshman in 1962 and never left. But I won over a thousand games that can all time on the NCAA tournament 20 years ago. His last game was the loss of the buzzer to wake for us at the ACC tourney. Then got somewhat clumsy. He did not announce his retirement. The school announced it and announced his successor Adrian Autry who had been play ham's assistant. The Big E St. John's beat butler will play marquette today, saint all upset by depaul, Saint Peter's had that great

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