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Iheartmedia the owner of Heart Radio says that it's podcast revenue grew one hundred and three percents here on Aaron. . Quarter to the total digital revenue is ninety three million dollars unique podcast listeners group I thirty percent here on downloads grew by sixty two percent revenue for the quarter across the company however was down by forty-six percents complain the pandemic for that. . You can read a full quite from Bob Pittman talking about exclusive whether they're a good idea or not in podcasting our show notes and our newsletter today. . On track has published its top US publishers list for July Two Thousand Twenty Iheart is now number one for unique monthly audience in the US as well as global downloads beating NPR in both rankings. . ABC is now measured alongside ESPN. . The rancor only measures participating publishers. . An SEC filing states that lip since former CEO Christopher Spencer who resigned on July thirty first will continue to be paid until the end of this year, , he ends four hundred thousand dollars. . He'll get a bonus of one, , hundred, , seventy seven, , thousand dollars in early January he'll van to hundred and fifteen thousand dollars a year for his role is senior adviser until the end of February twenty, , twenty three for which he'll have to work a maximum of eight hours a month. . Lipson will also pay spencer four million dollars to buy back shares that he holds. . The Board of lips includes those who last year criticized the company for outsized executive pay I'd like to say something sarcastic here. . Row Quarter highlights a surge in tippety around sports podcasts. . What's happening in House sports? ? PODCASTERS can take advantage the pre events for the fest global. . Summits Twenty Twenty have been happening all week we linked to a bunch of recordings today. . Dearest is a new exclusive podcast on spotify in Indonesian. . It focuses on letters written and read by writers, , musicians and actors, , and it's made by Journalism podcast company K B our prime and a number of additional podcast hosts. . Now, , allowing you to submit your podcasts to the yet to be launched Amazon music and audible podcasts service some people are giving you a backstage link it works for anyone on any Host by the way. . Welcome to a special episode of our humble indie music podcast made an India India Center seventy, , three years of independence next week. . But India's Music Indie podcast made in India. . Wants to remind us that I, , love for music isn't defined by geographic boundaries it'll produce three shows focusing on music from India's neighbors and the cat returns to audio with a new weekly podcast from the Vox media podcast network avery truthful man is host leading an ensemble voices engaged in the conversations that matter most to women and those who loved them. . It returns on August nineteen

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