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On trust pilot so head over to policy genius dot com right now to get started because the genius when it comes to home insurance. It's nice to get it right now. We talked to you about these. Ray khan earbuds. I'm supposed to read this ad. But i don't even have to really read it because they sent me the ray cons to us and the other day it's them on the left the little blue joints I had to drive the The red the lamborghini up to donny's the desert the car stereos. Just not there there. But it's not like the f one reason other earbuds the way to go in this car. And i like listening to a v twelve like anybody else but on a highway trip. Gimme music. Gimme a podcast. Let me get lost in the zone. You know what i mean. So i threw in the ray cons. I charged them up in this nice little kinda egg-shaped case they come in Plugged them in overnight fully charged through them in my ears. Press the power button and there they were on my phone in the bluetooth menu. Click to connect and boom rais khan's going to super fast super fast. I then like kind of i was walking around shop with them in my ears and i left my phone and i walked away from them and it was like blue. Reagan disconnected and then. I walked back up to my phone. It was like blu ray kon connected so it did. The thing and i listened to The new episode of the dollop of the way up to To donny's nice loud and clear and you know unlike some other earbuds. I've tried where they fall out of my ears A certain computer and phone manufacturers wireless earbuds. They just don't stay on either. I did I did a ninety minute. Car ride out to the desert. No adjustments zero. Just in the air. And they're they set yeah They come with a bunch of different size little rubbery guys that you can interchange to make it a fit your ear really well and honestly i got chris powerful beats. I got clear. Voices in the podcast. I had a call with my wife worked nice They come in different colors and Quicken seamless bluetooth pairing a very compact charging case and They last a long time. You know i use them on that whole trip us on the drive home and they still had plenty of battery left very cool and i'm using an apple device and they integrated with an apple device quickly easily and utterly painlessly. So listen up ray. Khan is offering fifteen percent off all of their products for my listeners. And here's what you gotta do to get it. Go to buy recon dot com slash.

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