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Alright has the pick off a because no matter what happened with you're still going to get there earlier then usual so um okay so we got a lot to talk about today obviously the inaugural is this week right so every day is going to be at a shooter huge news day and a few been watching you know even all the boston stations are now something there reporters towards dc this week all the headlines will be coming out of there and some of course you have you know congressman the but i'm a gonna congressman john louis's comments over the weekend which really set off a firestorm which you know nothing short of i just sort of i will still have about him saying that you know trump is not legitimate but you know it's a free country right you can say what you want to can protested over than you want to do i just don't know how i say arm as a democrat a congressman i don't know how that makes america stronger i don't know what moves us together and i don't know how it you know helps us all work together i just got find that divisive from an unnecessary in an angry he and i i just don't have anything good to say about of him but it doesn't for doesn't for meat really fall long any sort of the political line to to sort of i just find it unfortunate that somebody of his stature i would do his best to some you know they just create so much division on this.

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