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What else we got here? I got a lot of videos, but I'm so fricken owned my throat is so fucked. I wasn't even sure how you were gonna do. I wasn't sure either. Because I started this. I was like delirious, I was saying Vinnie Ila. She's like, I don't even understand what you are. All right. Well, let's go live. Hope you're comfortable talking today. But it's true. It really happened my throat really hurts. So I probably shouldn't talk that much because. It's not gonna help spending fourteen hours Disney yesterday was not helpful. But we were planning that trip for a year. So I would be God damn if I was going. Let me see I'll save the stuff for next week. But let me see hopefully, maybe we can get Tom and Christina next week. Oh, yeah. Definitely reschedule because I saw some people worry. I hope we can do an because I have so many great video. I wanna watch with them. I've got questions, but a lot of more videos. The period blood. We talked about. Obviously. Congratulations this wiping technique. This guy said this was funny from the by the way questions video suggestions, anything send them to podcast at H three h three production. Come love to hear from you guys. This one comes from Andrew Bentley. He said he learned about the wiping technique, and he tried it out. But unfortunately, on my third try with front wiping ended in such Reggie revert back to back, wiping. All I was trying to utilize the scoop technique my by wrist actually, make with pooh-pooh p water needless to say, it's the much in the trash and shoot method of backward them. How do you get? He says, unfortunately, I have to conclude ethan's wiping method is too dangerous second. Well, what the how deep are hoping like what I I'm not when I say you have to lift your balls. I'm not kidding, dude. Do you have to like lean back though? No, do you. Cut your balls when you wipe for back to front. Little, but you grow. I mean, you have to grab your dick and balls, right? One hand. You can go around in doesn't like. Doc. Well, the way I do. My junk with one hand I stretch it up, and I don't don't get the toilet. That's for sure. I mean. Yeah. Obviously keep your head out of the toilet bowl. Dude. Mean my God. Mechanic, we need to get a life size mannequin and like have like a full on demonstration. Don't need a mannequin. I'll show you right. You bring this up, and you just you scoop right under that you got your leg up right now, though, see this is in objects. He's actually he's got a different technique. You wanna come show? Come in here. You come into cut. You're you're you're being so lamb shows you wipe your ass. Come on get in here wider legs. And then side around you, go directly under wait. What how do you go you? Go you go under the balls. Yes. I read the legs wider and go around goes around the mountain. Like crimp here. Sure. I'm sure come on. I'm genuinely curious. This is the science episode. Shaking his head. No. I'm not blaming on. Well, at least let me understand. Because now I'm intrigued you go from like this no from the front. So you come like from like this. I can't see if I had to guess he like opens his legs more. Oh, you open your wet lake soothing wider super y. Right, right. Right. You don't go under you go around you sit like super. Well, you got homework hold on do shit with your legs. Now white. In. That's a wide stance. I don't go that one. Oh, I understand. So you scoop it your dick and balls to like the left. Because I put them up against my gut. What I'm trying to understand because you're not coming in here showing me. All right. I'm tired of playing pictionary with to the solidarity between the front. Wipers is is cracking your the worst pictionary partner. Switching tobacco after. Well, not a conversion. He's mad at me today. I'm barest. But her boyfriend doesn't even feel as Amari. And so there is a chance, and I think I did lay skewed. He'll shaking her head very supported what the. What else we got? So that's about it. I have a lot of other submissions. But I think I'll save it with the hopeful hopeful that Tom Christina will come next week. So again, a somewhat light episode..

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