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On the line with us today. Daniel Gawronski, who's running for Aurora City Council, which is a nonpartisan race. But every race is in some way partisan and we always have good people. And not so good people running for every race and Daniel, definitely one of the good people. Um, as as a Republican party, I can tell you we have a lot of really good candidates running not only in the Aurora City Council race, but so many City Council and school board races around the state. We need to get more, but I do want to have us all here from Danielle again. Danielle welcome back to the Dan Caplis Show. Thank you for having me Christie. Absolutely. And anyone who's listening yesterday would have heard Danielle and one of the big reasons that you are running for City Council to preserve people's local rights to have a concealed carry permit to not have socialists on the Aurora City Council stop all over their right to self defense. Um, I'm guessing you have some more reasons of why you're running. I know you have an amazing story, so it's certainly love to have you share that with our listeners. Sure, I you know, I own four bars and restaurant across the Denver metro area. Two of them are in Aurora. One of them is in Inglewood, and one of them isn't shared in. Um, So needless to say, 2020, for me was was tricky. And, you know, they say you never care about government until it affects you. Mm. And people say, Daniel, what made you decide that you're you're running for City Council and I My answer to that is I didn't make that decision. That decision was made for me. They made that decision for me. But you know that they can. Only the government can only mess up used so many times. Before you say You know what? I'm here and I'm awake and I'm ready to fight and just some things that went on last year in a row the way that they ran enforcement, um on shutdowns on small businesses. Way that we were treated. What happened with our police officers during a local Elijah McClain protests. A lot of people don't know. Protesters showed up to the district one Police Department. They showed up a change, and they sort of bit shift change as to get the most police officers at one time, they changed all of the doors and lock to be as police officers in the precinct building. Two current elected sitting City Council members who were Rose Socialists depends They were at this protest, and they started a barbecue, Christie That is handed out Hampshire's and hot dogs. Absolutely. While It's It's disgusting. It is. It's disgusting. I don't even know how you classify this. And, you know, I mean, it's hard to find a word to describe that. Yeah, Yeah. Yeah, And you know, just things in the rest of the department was told to stand down. Right. They couldn't go help their fellow officers right as they were literally locked in the building to your point with chains. Yeah. Would change the doors were exchanged. If you can imagine this, um and and of course, you know as that given time, there wasn't Lot of noise made about it because individuals like myself would have shown up, you know to fight back, so we didn't know about it. I certainly didn't know about it until after the fact. Right and You know, I just started digging and digging around my hometown and the native ordinaries I love aura and So when all of this started happening, I started digging and digging. Who is on City Council? What is going on? How is this happening? How is this OK? Hmm? I started seeing the makeup of council. Then in September, we or allowed to reopen We were at 25% indoor capacity. Yeah, and one of the Socialist on council tried to shove through an ordinance for a $20 an hour minimum wage. Oh, right in the middle of right in the middle of covet. We're talking to Daniel Gawronski candidate for Aurora City Council here on the day on Capitol Show. Um what were they thinking when they did? $20 minimum wage during covid it Well, it's interesting because I brought up an argument. You know that. Of course, um, you know, for for my line of work Mhm. How I am There's no reason to pay. Um, you know, a 16 year old dishwasher. $20 an hour. That is what will put small businesses out of business. So I was attacked. I was attacked. I was called a child sleeve labor. Oh, my goodness. That's what I would call And you did this like at the City Council meeting. Is that where you were talking about this testimony. Well, there's no this was all social media because this whole still everything was doomed. That's true, right tool and everything, you know. So our mayor had posted the link and had said, please public invited to be heard. Please put comments. Please post common so I did, um and and I was attacked, I will say. That one of the people that I was attacked by as a socialist who was on the Inglewood City Council very close. Very good friends with the two Current socialist. Yep, um, on a Laura and he got me so fired up. I did my research on him. I ended up being a part of the reason he resigned. Wow. Congratulations. It's a good victory. Thank you. First of all victory. I'll think her Yeah. Hey, right, absolutely well, and it's these local races. Daniel Lawrence K candidate for Aurora City Council that actually matter in taking back Colorado. If we only look ahead to the even year races, which are of course, also extremely important. It's my job to take care of them as the state chairman. But if we cannot forget about local races anymore, and that's why what you're doing, and so many people like you around the state is essential to keeping our freedoms at a local level..

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