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That's an impressive stat line for half of a game, not even so if we if we can see more of that to come from the honest. The bucks are going to be as scary team in that Eastern Conference. hack against the Kings. The Bucks scored eighty points in the first half eighty points in the first half against the Kings. Insane. Janas had fifteen points nine rebounds six assists. Kyle Korver went out and got twenty two point five threes. Brook Lopez went had twenty one points four threes. Team is capable of nuclear of nuclear showings like we just like I just said eighty points one half. Janas only played that one half Chris Middleton didn't have. Quite. A very good game, but nonetheless that was made up by by. Brook Lopez in cal covert both having over twenty points, and both having over four three pointers, or at least three pointers, so didn't necessarily matter Chris Middleton didn't play well. They go out there and beat the Kings but is this a sh-? A sign of what's to come for this team? You know it's going to be honest. Dominating and then a couple, other guys hopefully can step up but you know. Chris Middleton Max Contract Guy Guy who is said to be an all star star in this league. Not always showing up in big games he set himself hasn't haven't touched a basketball and multiple months. Kinda seems to be showing an away and He didn't play well. It's the bucks are going to go as far as honest can take them obviously either way bucks or to look pretty good to this point. Los Angeles Clippers. Okay, they are also a team that I would say is looking. Pretty good up to this point pretty good They could be playing better, but you know what. I'm seeing is what the clippers need to be seeing on the two zero right now lou. Williams went out there. He's in large part to do with their first victory. He get twenty something points off the bench twenty something minutes. With three or four three pointers Paul George. He's been playing very well as as well which is what you want to see if you're the Los Angeles Clippers, he has been the guy who has been in and out of the lineup, so as but he's been pretty much healthy police coming back in that shoulder surgery saying he's saying he feels better than he ever has which which which is awesome. which is great to hear from from a guy who has had shoulder surgery and who has been struggling, so that's great to hear that he's. He's feeling better than ever, and it's good to see him playing in limited minutes I. He's playing very well shooting very well from the floor so it's good to see that from Paul George in for that Clipper team. You know if they want to win the championship. They need Paul George to be the second best player every single night to at number one and. They need to see a consistent performance from him which has been the knock-on Paul George as of lately at least so if they can see that the clippers, you know they are going I see nothing but them clicking on all cylinders, same thing with Lou Williams coming off playing well. I'm going to talk about the whole Lou Williams thing in my next segment, so don't think I'm just avoiding that whole thing. It's not the. It's not the one hundred pound gorilla in the room or anything like that okay but like I said Paul George playing well. That's the key for the clippers. Co is going to go out there. He's going to be himself. It's the postseason we know. He saves himself for the postseason. these scrimmage games. I mean even less than the regular season means to him, and we know what the regular season means to him, so we know what he is in the post season. He's going to go out there and give twenty seven twenty eight points at night, six seven rebounds five. Five six assists. He's GonNa out and do that. He's going to do it on both ends of the floor, guarding hopefully guarding one of the best of the best opposing guards or four words so we know co is going to do but sadly they will be missing. I'll Lou Williams when they play the Lakers on July thirtieth on Thursday, which again super looking forward to listen to my podcast on Thursday because I'm going to be giving a preview of the Games later that night, so make sure you don't miss out on my podcast on Thursday when it comes out. But. The clippers are looking good there to anos. So far is going to be Coy Paul Georgia's looking good. I'm GonNa Talk About Louisville coming forward, but if he's going to be able, be beat to be there and playing. He's going to be a huge force off of the bench. One more team. I'm going to talk about the Oklahoma. City Thunder, also two and O two impressive victories might I add for the Oklahoma City Thunder? Okay, they went ahead and beat the Boston Celtics Jason. Tatum, Jalen Brown I think Kemba Walker I don't know of Kemba. Walker played. Think he's back. Marcus Smart Gordon. Hayward they're all? either way. Chris Paul Oklahoma City Thunder go out there and beat the Boston Celtics. Two Day, yesterday Wednesday. They went out. Earned went Sunday I'm sorry. I think I was thinking. Yesterday on Sunday. They Thursday podcast firm is for my Monday. PODCASTS so yesterday on on Sunday. they they played the seventy sixers, the thunder thunder versus the seventy sixers. They went ahead and beat the sixers. Yes, embiid did not play even though we've been hearing, embiid is in tip, top shape, and that you know he he. Is Feeling. Great is all ready for this post-season run. He is sitting because of a slight calf injury, but they feel an injury Maybe coming on, so he's going to sit in arrest. Necessarily, see that as top shape being ready. Maybe he's making sure he's in top shape by base feeling a little bit I don't know. Either way if you're in top shape, it's not necessarily good thing that you're missing an entire game, but it's embiid. But. I guess it's about the sixers right now. The thunder beat the Celtics in the seventy sixers both legit teams in the Eastern Conference proving that the thunder are in fact, a legit team in western conference, not necessarily a contending team, but it seems like in a similar boat of a Utah. Jazz where they can give team in the first round a run for their money and they're going to make a team. Go five six, possibly seven games. Games okay, will they? Will they win against these top level team? Necessarily you know in a series possibly know, but they have a chance to, and they're going to push teams so the thunder approving that they they are. You know they're not a team? You WanNa play necessarily in the first round of the thunder, going to know also a team. I want to mention a team playing very well. A couple of other teams I didn't quite make the list of explanations or you know. Me Talking about them, but other mentions for me. the PELICANS. Okay the New Orleans Pelicans looking pretty good haven't had their guy as. Quite yet. He just returned talk about that coming up, but They haven't had zion yet. They're playing pretty well they've won one. I think they've only played one game so far, but they've won that game. They've looked pretty good. The seventy sixers are looking pretty good Ben Simmons. He's playing very well. He's shooting the ball outside, so he showing you things you WANNA see. The sixers are playing well. The Dallas Mavericks with Luca Danni. He's. He's playing well the mavs. They are missing some key pieces. Their point, guard and their Dwight Powell. What's Your Point Guards Colin? Something Brunton Dot Com. Highschool something Brunton they're missing. The point guard the mavericks are, but either way the Mavericks, the Sixers, the Pelicans three teams that. Are playing very well so far as well as the teams. I mentioned before some teams real quick before I. Take a break that are not looking so good The Washington. Wizards I. Think it's GonNa be a tough eight seating games. If they made up I, don't think they're gonNA. Make the playoffs, so it's going. Be a tough seating game schedule for them the Brooklyn Nets missing a whole lot of their players. It's going to be a little tough for them as well. The Sacramento Kings I think it's GonNa be a tough go about for them as well as E..

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