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You know, uh That's a nightmare in itself. That shouldn't have happened and We? We need to find her just as hard as they are, and we see what they do. And if we're not going there, there's enough saving it. You know if we're not going to step up Finally Ted Cruz. A A plus, He's he's great. Yeah, exactly what you're gonna be doing, Tonto. Get the message out to do what you can to keep Texas Red. I've had my flag's up ever since Election of Naga country, you name it. I got my blue flat blue lights out for the police. Talked at the Union hall meetings about it. You know whether they want to be Democrat or not? I'm not. I'm third generation Union Third generation Republicans. And, uh, I talked to everybody I can. You can't be afraid to talk to anybody. You know, Brother Democrats love Democrats don't want to hear you. But Yeah, it's it's like they do it. You know, you got to keep saying it over and over and over eventually something Since then you know what I have found that works from time to time. Anyone that is philosophically opposed to conservatism isn't gonna listen to anything. So just take your breath. But if you give a liberal Factual information, even though they don't admit it while you're talking, even though they don't acquiesce to your line of reasoning. Um, some, not all. Some will go look it up later and perhaps inform themselves so be armed with the facts. Zach. I appreciate to call very much. J. D and Brown would J d. How are you? Just fine. How you doing, sir? Thanks for having me on. Yes, sir. I've been thinking about this for a long time. Um Mr. Have it Is failing State of Texas. He gets a C minus. Hey, does nothing But invent these carpetbaggers and from other states, these big companies, um Along with Mr Heger. The home prices and taxes are so high It's almost time for me to live here anymore and and all that's coming in or out of state labels with the big companies. Why not court Small and medium sized is I know there's a lot of businesses up in Seattle. Small businesses that had to put up with these riots and get burned out. There would love to come down here, but instead we'll get Toyota and the Tesla and all these other big, probably liberal hiring businesses that bring people in From the governor. Um Ted Cruz is a Corners. F Um again. Glen Hager, Comptroller he's been announced. All the appraisal district. Tell me to blame him for my high taxes. So I'm going to do that. Okay? What about Mr Patrick? Mr Parrish, Stone and Mr Patrick doing on day saying All right, thanks. Past is a little weak. We'll want to get Patrick. Eh, eh? I just a solid A Mr Passion is a B minus. I'd like to see how he's doing some work with the voter fraud. I'd like to see a little bit more Tonto weed out that systemic voter fraud. Since liberals like to use that word. I'll take it from him. Um That's pretty much the Rafto corn in the F The governor is is hurting the state. We're not going to be able to pull out this this liberal spiral as long as we keep him behind his carpetbaggers in. We need a 30% real estate tax for carpetbaggers coming in. We can't keep this up. I mean, most the house is being bought by out of staters right now. Well, J d You know, I've been through this before Another states and I kind of look at it this way. Um You know, the governor is responsible. E mean, we like not having state income tax. He's responsible for bringing inasmuch money to the state is he possibly can under the right conditions? Now. A lot of those conditions fall outside the governor's circle of power. You know if he can get Toyota or he can get, you know, fill in the blank. Come to Texas, not because of ah, money grab or not because of taking advantage of detects tax situation here. If you can get the those companies command with all their money and all those jobs, then it's up to the rest of us. When it comes to the political leanings of those people. I Personally, I've never bought into the theory that everybody that comes here from someplace else is bringing their liberal liberal agenda. Most people are coming here for the director. Be themselves. Now you know if they're a bunch of late 60 hippie goofballs, walking around with gray ponytails and saying we all out of get high That's a different thing. Um, but liberalism isn't working in the state of California is a matter of fact, it's brewing. Well, it has ruined California. And I know I've debated people on the floor in Sacramento. And it's It's a nightmare. And they're not representing the people of California, the representing in agenda narrative by a very, very small group. Of absolute wide eyed here on fire liberals that want to turn the state socialist, you know, and that's you know, that does fall with the governor's doorstep. As far as making sure if your company and you want to come to the state of Texas. That's great. But don't try to turn Texas into the place you came from. There are a lot of good reasons to come here. Turning Texas Blue is not one of them, JB. Very good call. Thank you so much. 16. Minutes after the hour, you're grating the most notable Republicans in the state of Texas Aziz political timelines ago where a whisper away From the mid terms, and we've got to do everything we could do to make sure Democrats don't get a foothold, no matter what garbage, the lame stream media play's about Beta Tau O'Rourke. I'm Rick Roberts News talking 20 w B A P. It's.

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