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Thank you so much you bet beja called hope you enjoy or the program uh i know that uh i i read doubt assif i've got time for this i do i read in uh it must be american whitetailed one of the big coffee table books with the the biggest white tales ever taken the records the hold in the horn the missouri monarch uh the the love strength book and everything and of course the say that the holden horn was found dead is that not correct uh i know the missouri monarch was yeah and the holden horn is he was found dead and he was mounted in a local bar and somebody said of acid jack book and aspect that was it like nineteen forty or salah at nation beholden hour but the love strindberg look that was killed by the the youngster with a muzzle loader that book was practically a pay it that was a farm dear everybody hits seen him and that's why he was used a muzzle over that day because they figured disc beers going to be killed if we wait to the rifle season and that was the biggest book ever kill by hunter wrought three thirty or somewhere along in there it was huge yes the one out of tennessee well that's the new when the love stir but which could turkey oh okay that's how guilt about twelve or thirteen years ago okay than anyone that the gadgets killed in tennessee i it was last season one yes it was worthless sixteen and asif three hundred plus book mapped out or was it three twelve yes yeah three toil i i cannot imagine what that would be but what would look like because i gotta tell ya in my experience you're probably you guys to you see a 140 you think it's a 160 you see 160 thank its one eighty and if it's over that you fate this can't be true it's so less it within that subject then why is it if you can give me a simple answer why is it that of mature book in georgia might be a one fifty but a championship mature dear in indiana ohio or michigan is one eighty why is that they're all white hey all size at app well there's a a number of factors involved in that but.

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