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ATF focusing on first amendment freedom on public university campuses Tyson I understand there's a case going on right here in my home state. Of California tell us about it we represent students for life and Nathan Apodaca lawsuit against administrators at Cal State San Marcos Cal State a student. Fee system where they require students essentially to hey student activity fees on top of the, tuition that they pay a new student Could be there are supposed to go to fund student expressing activities funding student. Organizations and when students apply for a grant to receive some of those funds they were denied when you can't use those funds to bring in outside speakers well Nathan new in, he looked. At, as well I'm not that these other groups are bringing in outside speakers and so what we found out is that the university is, allocating funds that are very discriminatory manner, their funding a lot of these leftist groups with large amounts of money denying it. To. Other groups who want to bring a different perspective to campus so Tyson Lehnhoff they. Lied absolutely what happened. Is when we when we looked at it we found out that the gender equity, center. And the and the pride center there's about two point one million, dollars, that comes in every year inactivity allocated five by the student gun right there Af each university campus have they allocate those funds Yes I allocation.

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