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God. dammit. We. Got Them. Dave got I. I would say that I don't but that that does I to me. It doesn't bad part like getting married doesn't really matter to me. So you don't care about the shenanigans of marriage, but you would like long term partner I could see I could see that happening yes you could be common law married with someone exactly. Okay. All Right David Yana question twelve. Question Twelve e Always hard for me, Alan Taibbi. Yeah. Is there anything oh? Yeah we haven't done one of these in a while. Before. We get out of here and give you an little pug. If you wanted what's something you can recommend to our listeners that you're that you've watched a really enjoyed streaming or otherwise TV movie anything. you know I watched twelve last dance. I really liked with the Bulls documentary and then I started watching what we do in the shadows, the TV show and I really am such a I just don't like a lot of stuff and that show is so goddamn. Funny. So I, think I'm going to start. They just released the emmy nominations and I think it got like three in one category for writing. So really yeah I think I gotTA JUST START I don't know way happens. Like like Hey, but I love it. So I haven't seen that it's very well watch it and report back. Thank. Gary, thank you so much for being on the show. Thank you for having me lease listeners listened to the dollar with him and Dave Anthony, and where else can can people find you? Can find me on twitter and instagram at Reynolds Gareth and then Youtube Gareth Reynolds, live and then every Thursday do a weird stand up show of people's suggestions from a home. So that's at six PM Pacific Time on my instagram live. It's called Gareth's Gareth risk. Fantastic. So, you can check that, oh, I have another podcast called point appoint. Great. What's that one? That's? What's kind of sketchy? Actually it's Like you do it on the Sidebar, but it's a fake political shoved his very sketch oriented. It's actually with my writing. Walker that I met in the swollen monkey showcase. So this is all going to be. I think. We're stepping on the sidebar here right Dave Levi's turning red she's feeling. Outta here we gotta pull the rip cord are going to be furious. You so much for being on the show forever. And and and stay stay. Cool. Man I'm I'm you know it's going to be a long time and I just tell your cat that it's okay that she's eating meat you know. Yeah. He, it's a it's a he but I kind of find the being to be genderless. Fair enough. Bye. Bye. I. Love Stevie. Oh man you know something about Gareth is he always delivers he always delivers the goods I've been a fan of his podcast and I am I'm actually surprised us this long to meet but I don't I I you know I, it met L. my expectations and surpassed them. He is such a funny warm guy and that was a that was hilarious. He's great. Yeah he has that. He has rascal sparkle in his eye when he says something funny and you're like it, there's a sparkle that I feel like very few people have but man, it makes you love talking to them absolutely it. It's funny. You know it. It seems like a no brainer but we actually didn't do this for a few of these. The zoom just really helps like I think that you're right. That glimmer Mischievous little like I got something for you is is something that you kind of need to be like making eye contact with It's really for me. It's really important in like even just seeing someone's context and seeing when they're about to speak it. Just it makes it. It makes a very strange process a little less strange. You know little more warm. And it's this. This one was funny because we kept things a little bit more jobs than we did talk about what's currently going on and it it's But I kind of think that it was necessary. I mean I just I've been thinking a lot lately about. You know we're we're at as a as a country and it's definitely it's it's definitely rough but I think if there's moments of Lebane- like this I I haven't been able to. I'm confident that I will be able to at least a maintain if not a pull through flying colors because I, you know when he said we're going to be doing this for at least a year. I. Think that makes sense but I'd love it. If he was wrong, I would honestly love it. If he was wrong to I, would I hope he's wrong but. Honestly, I feel like just based on the way things have been going at. It seems unlikely that he's wrong unfortunately. Yeah but you know as long as we're doing things that make us feel better I mean he's exercising and eating healthy which is. Saying the first thing I said that you guys didn't hear when I. Saw Him on I was like, what have you been doing? You look amazing. He looks very fit. Yeah, he was just go I. Just I'm just wasting my time doing nothing just exercising and eating healthy. Oh congratulations. During the thing that everyone is failing to do. Well done. But Steve You got any food and relatio- Updates for me. All right food updates. I've been I've been making mostly smoothies lately I it's a little warm here in La. I've been just sort of mixing up some Greens and Mango and pineapple and making like some morning like. Green smoothies which I'm I'm loving. I like when it hits the point in summer we're all I want is fruit and smoothies that that like feels nice. Dating Update I have none I'm am happily single Just sort of living my life with my pot of dog, my dog, Maude and Yeah I, I, guess Dave. The answer is no. I don't have any updates. Do you have any food or religious updates? My Food Relationship Update I think I'll I'll marry them together as being one and the same my my girlfriend and I just hit. The amazing one year Marker Damn Congratulations Happy Anniversary thank you very much. We obviously couldn't do anything real big. Maybe hoping to do, but we made a nice. Dinner from scratch together and Kind of spawned by a sort of mutual, but mostly coming from her interest in in going vegetarian or at least pescatore. We haven't we thought. Let's maybe have a little bit of a blow out and so I got some fancy stakes night and We, she made these butter cooked radishes with the tar seasoning. She made a homemade flat bread from scratch which I realized when I folded up that it's exactly the same consistency as Taco Bell Chiluba but it's You know homemade so was just. I made a ruge fennel and Parmesan salad with lemon vinaigrette and. Yeah and then I reversed seared the stakes with this method. A lot of people rave about which is that you? Cook them on a baking sheet in the oven after salt-and-pepper. Twenty thirty minutes at like two, hundred, seventy, five degrees, and then you finish them on top in like a cast iron skillet that smoking..

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