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But he says earth thousand men remaining a castle black which is about three times and change more there there's basically no one there he ah right they alah what do we know about this ranging mission that went north was the largest in recent memory limet allotted needs diana out of them are dead now and they know this there pushing john torment says you know basically if you're lines me i like he boy with your like male got you john sticks to it he knows it's important to attempt to protect these people in any way he can he faces another hard choice and this one's in his pants gas whoa when eager at cana you know she's defending emmys now i need you to defend me and she sort of playfully like grabs a sword and runs into the claim safe steal your sordid not into a kinks every time always an effective foreplay tactic and she says are you still a crowe it's time you proved yourself she stripping down she shedding layers says egrad she says you swore some vows i want you to break them i love the hazing she's no fucking around car plenty of fuck and but no falkoner rounds right you source valve i want you to break them i want you to make heart choice right she says i want you to see me all with me she capuna can access we shouldn't we should and then they kiss love it and then limonov's kiss and no for an episode of georgia martin reads a sex scene i know i want you hear it himself saying all his mouth and all his honor forgotten she stood before him making at her name day and he was hard as the rock around them he pulled her close i love the smell of you he said i love your red hair i love your mouth and the way you kiss me i love your smile i love your teats he kissed them one in the other.

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