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But then you start to see him in a different light. And he plays that incredibly. But also thing that's great about this is the group of skate kids the Stevie meets they affectionately named him sunburn. They will have different nicknames. So you've got both grade and fuck shit who has that name because every single thing that happens he still a sentence with shit, which sounds like it could be lame. But if feels really kind of rail, and that's realistic, which big Probst agenda hill for that is big props one of the characters he's one of the other ones, but all of those characters in the group, really nicely fleshed out. And you get the sense that the Stevie this is like a will to that he is visiting and being enriched by but also won't be his entire life. Where some of the the kids it really plays into. The sense of privilege that there's a character cooled Ray. Who's the leader of the group on the hayme like skating is is his life is his way out says they are all in kind of worse stances than Stevie who's not from a massively well a family, but they kind of they get they just about get by. Whereas a lot of these kids have nothing and skating, either their scape, or it's the thing that they could do that's to kind of get them some kind of Korea, and I think plays that beautifully. I think the only thing is this some kind of constructs tools, the end the dunk quite ring. True. And that's because so much of the rest of it does. But the final five minutes of this film. Just put the biggest smile face. And I think it's probably my favorite thing of seeing this. I love this film, a really live it. And if you love things like Ling later, he lived acing confused, everybody wants people have compared this to two kids, the Larry film, if you so things like skate kitchen, minding, the gap recently, and you liking that kind of. Gate focused coming of age film. Absolutely see mid nineties. I really love this Ville rod. Yeah. Cowabunga as directly and I'm out. Tony hawk. He he dragged her fridge around Ireland. Twenty. No, okay. All right. Four stars in four stars end for mid-nineties bents as best when we seen this year. Now, I would wager. You would not be saying that had you hell boy. Reboots the latest version of hell boy gamble detoro made to help films back in two thousand and second full full four two thousand four two thousand four. Yeah. I I'm two thousand four. Yeah. And then we twos two thousand and eight. Yep. Yeah. The passage of time is a cruel mistress Senate both who's. Who's hell anyway. So so there's a hill boy out, and this is not begin with the view of the there was some contentious circumstances. And we weren't sure what he was going back and do hell boy three. And then he didn't have a new director, Neil Marshall. And and you help David Harper taking over for Perlman and Helen using this. We have an there was only one screen of this movie, and it was on Wednesday morning die before release. They will release sometimes us not a great sign. It's no casing, for example, and games aren't going to screen too much before comes out. Sure. Yes. Is it? No. It's the other kind towel. I'm afraid. This is this is not great. So we we start in fifth century England working Arthur beheads the blood Queen Nim way played by milio vich with some weird kind of like dubbed over voice thing. I don't know what's happening there. But says she gets into bits, but still there's a. Alive, and when the biscuit reassembled in the present day L, they've harbors. Hello, basically has to take her down. Somehow the thing is it's not a good film, the scrutiny did at least one more pass. And let's be honest, probably two or three. I think David harbour is great in the role. Actually, I think he's really really good. It's a different thing to what Ron Perlman did. He's a little angrier. He's a bit hairier. There's a lot more cursing because this is an already film, and they are desperate for you to know that are I mean, they literally say fucking in the first thirty seconds as a crow pecks dead..

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