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But i think that some of the just indeed express is a while. I did and i still do have like hd sound like all over the place. I'll be like you know the math thoughts or whatever they might. I'm gonna outside. There's the dudes we're gonna construction. And i'm like eight years old expected on the playground. One guy's to have punch. I wanna west family of all these things and i was failed like deficient quiz. Running for the yeah. This wouldn't matter in conversation but what you're saying is something that rings true to me. There's a reason for everything when we think about what my add. I used to get so upset at my ad. I used to get so upset at my brain for not being able to focus. But all these things that i thought his liabilities turned out to be assets as an actor. So you know. Our audience is a lot of working actress. A lot of aspiring actress and some people who haven't even thought of aspiring yet they're just in the beginning throws of it and they're coming to terms with who they are and in this world and the things that they lack but really what you find out later. Life is the things he lack ended up being this wonderful asset instead. So i'm sure that your add and all that stuff that you quote unquote struggled with as we're getting older into your acting years was actually something that was so beneficial in terms of your determination. Persistence performance and all that stuff right it thrives on the liability that society kind of deans with add and with energy and with all that stuff. That kids are just kids. And it's hard to come to terms with who you are But it's easier when you see that it's actually helping you linear life. So let's jump. Where when you're you're in high school and you're thinking about what the hell you wanted to do. College is on the horizon. Where where are you going. What are you thinking. And how are you getting there. So this is a interesting fact So i neglected to mention when i was in high school sports football baseball wrestled. But one thing i also did there to the end of quitting all-sports for the i dansk really i i I did for about three three four years really solidly and it had a partial scholarship to go to university of the arts. And then i got kicked out because i'm hardy way too hard again my guy to my defense. It was like that was the plan. I wanted to be a dancer for a very long time. After i it was somewhere around like maybe up try. Being athlete may be a dancer. And then that didn't happen. I got kicked out on. And then i ended going to community college in two years where i was really gets floating around out not really sure what i wanted to do. i was still depressed. Beginning getting squash embarrassed Yeah you know. I was kind of like inland going down the wrong. I was on the wrong path. But i was taking steps close to going down raw I met a guy mid End of my first year since two thousand nine guiding jody person person is the head of the feeder like because division at mercer county community college literally Changed my life. Changed my life and i always say that i. I've had a lot of people who hold very dear where i find it and i trust them with so many things and that will never change but the first one was jodi person and he saw something in me he was just like. Have you considered this. Try doing this. Maybe avenue loop game ended up doing a production of these. The first part and it's six hour playoff but we do the first part of american approaches down in the part and i played prior. It was the first play every day that i was able to america which is missing him. The wall is a is a production fully eighteen nineteen year old kids or earn and we go to community college out of us that went to community college or the discipline or the money to go to a fulltime university. Didn't all of those. Things didn't matter but i'm not gonna play down to you just because you go to community college tree you is if you went to fucking you know harvard much as you went to fucking yell school drama or something like that. I'm going to give you stuff like that. So you can exercise your imagination. It set off a whole thing. Was i had so much joy doing ahead belief in me. It was the first time i had something. That was my. You know i can do this thing so well and other people think i can do it well too and that was this thing and then after my second year i transferred to be a fact and pro-democracy dangerous and did more there. And how long did you stay there. I did three years at montclair state. i transferred in so i started a softball more. I was older saw but I i loved it. I loved it. I mean You know undergrad for are tricky. Because on undergrad programs. There's some really really great ones. And there are some that are like. But i don't think i mean i guess not not that it's any of their own but like the resources of the minute episode in the best. They can all think you all be say acting. Schools have base experience. Everything's basically basically jack. All basic asking montclair was clear. Gave that to me. What i did realize was the most beneficial being going there but moving the classes but the opportunities that had to i was in play every semester every semester. That really really i. Maybe i know it but it really honed in to to to command an audience and to understand the importance of her so iwaki and professionalism and all that really helps me moving forward. Because i wasn't necessarily thing theory or technique or whenever resist like showing up working on the play talking about the play talking about relationships talking about character practising practising. And that's i think that you do not need to go to yale drama school to learn how to act in our backyards and it's not where you go. It's what you do where you are. Well it's a it's it's there's exactly dude So i mean. I was very much unlike grad school road for a while wanted to go find yale places and You know i i. I really felt for the longest time i eat. Msa to work if once. I had the nfl Just for whatever the school is. I will have all the tools in my belt to work. I'll be prepared enough. You've ready and i guess as i got older i realized that fucking bullshit. You know. it's just like you never really stopped learning him. Not knocking of your incredible if you have an opportunity to go go but you know There's other ways. There's not. I think in recent years i feel like.

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