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Newbury massachusetts gas station worker who doused himself with gasoline and then lit himself on fire is still in a boston hospital in critical condition it happened yesterday afternoon an eyewitness spoke to wbz tv i just watched somebody completely engulfed in flames it's just not normal the responding officer was also injured after tackling the unidentified twenty four year old man after he tackled him to the ground in order to extinguish the fire wbz news time one thirty a student arrested on several firearms charges is scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow in brooklyn district court but it's not clear if his arrest is connected to an armed home invasion that happened early friday at pine manor college police say four men wearing masks and carrying firearms broke into the home as part of their investigation police obtained a search warrant to search a student's room and arrested the student for possession of several firearms suspect's name has not been released the chair of the house armed services committee says that he's highly skeptical of north korean leader kim jong un's motives heading into a proposed meeting with president trump speaking on fox news texas congressman mac thornberry's says he still not sure what brought john yang to the bargaining table i have no doubt their hope is to divide us from our allies and south korea to ease some of the sanctions to ease the pressure coming from china so that they are not so isolated in the world north korea is slamming the us for what it calls misleading claims washington's policy of maximum political pressure and sanctions are what drove it to the negotiating table a foreign ministry spokesperson is warning that these claims are a dangerous attempt to ruin a budding relationship but kim and president trump are expecting to meet later this month or in early june a bomb blast inside a mosque in eastern afghanistan that was being used as a voter registration center killed at least fourteen people and wounded thirty three officials say that there was one female among those who were killed in the attack the blast happened while people were busy with prayers meanwhile in other parts of the mosque people had gathered to get their voter registration cards for the election afghanistan plans to hold elections in october the first since twenty fourteen and coming up the latest on a fatal boating accident on the new.

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