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Every I mean I think that's the point to it's like, yeah. Have anything wrong with him saying it but then you can't have anything wrong with us like you know breaking down you know what I'm saying like I just don't get. How can we bash ward right? Or belittle ward and try to minimize this. As if Eddie does mind his own business as as if he's always just talking about his own affairs like he's not getting on live talking about the Charles and talking about Japan talking about everyone else's fighters. Andre Ward within his right to say this. Eddie has more than an opinion. He puts out a narrative and I love it. I love to see you do squirm. It's crazy like fish out of water I know. You loan flopping around, but that's my problem is look I. I mean Eddie, has every right to say whatever he wants to but then we have every right to. Kinda twelve into it in in check people. Had A reply I don't know. No, you're not. You're not. You don't have the right Mario seen people in the chat already telling you careful Mario Ward might get mad at your opinion because. Her the waters mad at Eddie's opinion. So they WANNA side up to Manchester Mario because they know he's the UK host ob be careful Mario they might get mad at the chill in this case though I feel like I agree with ward more than anything in that I. Base. But that but that's my point is that when you look at where Eddie said I, don't think that like I think that the whole point he was trying to make is that the fight feels like halfway in halfway out and and I think everybody can agree with that like I don't think we're Eddie said is a like. Early. But I, agree with Andre Ward in that you know if Eddie was listen if Eddie was attached to this he'd be selling the hell out of it right now he be telling everybody bro He is back guess who's back Mario he admitted in Arlington of paid those people that made the fight camp song to make a Tyson Fight Camp He admitted in the article that they've reached out to to put it on sky and they're probably GonNa, put it on Scott. Yeah, that was in the title Kinda Dixon. Grow quick superjet but I will say this 'cause I don't WanNA act ignorant to the context. Eddie, is simply saying. Look. These guys are saying they're going for the knockout, but the commission is saying it's an exhibition. This is why I don't do exhibitions because if Tyson really goes for the knockout in the commission steps, sending calls the fight off five fans or or duped out of their money. So in context Eddie is right. But so is ward to tell Edie stop having an opinion on so much things that have to do with American fighters in America handle your stuff in the UK took care of MSG Garden but Eddie is right I will say that I'm not going to act like an ignorant personally eddie is right as a fife, Van Damme Get Damn they win twelve ounce gloves. Well, you might as well make real rules. I don't want them to stop it if Tyson throws a mean left hook and we're like, oh what if that would have landed in all of a sudden the commission's like, Yoda, fights over come on. You said this was going to be pitty Pat. So Eddie got a point he is making us think do you want to spend forty, nine, ninety nine and then you know Tyson goes ham and the fights over and you don't get an outcome. I mean if Tyson goes hand and puts Roy out, I'm happy I'm good with that. I paid ice to pay Even backing it they with my dad was paying thirty dollars for paper view, and then all of a sudden two rounds. It don't matter if. You're paying to see Mike. Tyson be Mike Tyson so. Yeah. No I get that and that's the thing is like. To see that, then what are we paying to see ward? Should it's own? Yo- worry about them as DRI MSG ninety, three, thousand numbers. Because I'm sure Jones and Mike will sell more than ninety three, thousand pay per views. Well. I don't know. Is it even like paper? Oh, it is. It is. Ninety. Nine dollars. That's the thing to me is I would agree with that one hundred percent if it was on regular cable or regular paper view I, feel like song. Trailer. It's on trailer. That's the only thing that I think could hurt the postal you saying there's not onto zone. Zone Eddie still wearing about what's going on with this? Okay. Yes. That's what I'm saying. Now we're. Over here at telling Eddie and design today should jump on. This is exactly what that. American subscription network needed to get American subscribers. Say That yes and they also lost their Jake Paul fighter right Robinson Jake volume. So Eddie really needs to focus seemed to be building that up pretty well. I'm excited about that. How do you lose Jake when it's proven that my man brings in the numbers? How do you do that? How do you do that? whops. You need to focus on across the pond. Champi, made sure you got was going on right over there. But yeah, man so When some direct quotes from that Marisha Lamont Mario after do me get to his take what I don't know I wanted a read Eddie hearn's a reply on on that tweet from.

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