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Good morning and welcome to morning Joe on an extremely busy, Wednesday, October tenth. We're following a number of fast paced developing stories this morning, chilling new reporting from the Washington Post and the New York Times on the disappearance of Washington Post columnist, Jamal kashogi. We'll talk to the Washington Post David Ignatius about that and get the very latest. We'll also ask him about the political and foreign policy implications of the sudden resignation of UN ambassador. Nikki Haley plus the audience at President Trump's rally last night again, breaks out in a locker up chant this time for someone other than Hillary Clinton, and Steve Kornacki will be here to make sense of a slew of new polling out this morning. But first we are just hours away from hurricane, Michael, making landfall, and the Florida panhandle bringing with it life threatening storm surge as high as thirteen feet in some areas, the storm strengthened into an extremely dangerous. This category for overnight. The national weather service is calling this an unprecedented event. Noting that no category four storm on record has ever made landfall along Florida's panhandle. Let's get right to Bill Cairns with check on the timing of all this bell mega continues to get worse still strengthening at the hour. We only have ten eleven hours ago to landfall. We're gonna see areas of the Florida panhandle uninhabitable for days weeks, possibly in Panama City and Panama City beach are right in the crosshairs that's fifty thousand residents that call that home. They're all back, it'd they're all out of there, but they're not sure what they're going to have to go back home to. So let's get.

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