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He thrives as a pick and roll creator who can spray the ball out to shooters. And for him to be as successful as he's been thus far with a roster that just does not fit what his skill set is in any way shape or form. I think pistons fans should be ecstatic even though they have not won many games. I think they've won 6 games this year. I would be really pumped about what I've seen from Kate Cunningham so far. I think all of the athleticism and ball handling has translated in the best possible way. I think that over his last 9 games, ten games, he's averaging like 20 points, 6 assists, 6 rebounds, like it's really remarkable what he's been able to do over the course of his early career since he's gotten back from that ankle injury early in the year. So the best thing for me is I would want shooting around Kate Cunningham. I think that additionally, jabari smith's athleticism does translate really well next to the deep bay. If Sadiq bay ends up being a longer term keeper and even though he is not shot the ball well to start the year, I do think I would continue down the road with Czech bay because he is a player that while he's not a crazy athlete, I do see him as someone who is strong enough to defend multiple positions at the three and the four. Who I do trust to shoot on some level and hopefully be able to make some higher level decisions throughout the course of his career, maybe as he slotted back into a role that has a bit less usage than what he's currently forced to do with the pistons right now. So I would I think I would take jabari Smith. I think he has the highest upside of anyone in this class and I think that he's a really nice fit with kade Cunningham with their front court pieces. The question for me is more. Jamaica Smith also fits with Isaiah Stewart. I should say as well just because Isaiah Stewart is someone that isn't necessarily the best athlete, but the more that I watch, Isaiah Stewart and Kate Cunningham offensively, the more I do think that Isaiah Stewart's really gonna have to shoot the ball long term because he's just not at all a threat as a vertical spacer in pick and rolls. He just ends up kind of taking up space in that mid range area where kind of really likes to operate and that's a concern to me long term. I really don't like the shape of this pistons, roster, around cape Cunningham. I frankly don't know that there are any like, oh my God, you have to keep this guy, players on this roster. I would continue down the roads to deep bay, and Isaiah Stewart, but the rest of the guys on this team, I don't know that they're necessarily going to be a part of the next Detroit Pistons like playoff team, or certainly maybe the next Detroit Pistons top four seed in the east. So it's kind of where I'm out on the pistons. I would look to move Jeremy grant if the deadline, I would look to move as many of these older veteran players for whatever assets I could. And then I would try to rebuild this off season via free agency where they project to have quite a bit of cap space, and I would really focus on shooting athleticism and defense. I would not focus on some of the things that Troy weaver has focused on thus far as a general.

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