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And i don't have the answer to that. I mean i can tell you this. I mean let's just look at the at the facts and people can draw their own conclusions. So you've got scott paternal clearly becomes best in the idea of juries dusky of guilty before anybody else. It within the inner circle. There's no question about that right. Well scott remember what is scott. Fraternals job scott. Paternalist job is a republican. Lobbyists in harrisburg This is a republican. Administration is a new republican administration. At this time tom. Corbett has governor. The he was the former. Ag when this investigation began. This is a republican investigation. So it is clearly in scott's best interest to not do anything to disrupt this investigation right. So so who is with joe paterno before his grand jury testimony. Scott is there enough scotus tweeted and this is very interesting. You know there is a joe paterno interview. He gave before his grand jury desmond so he on a day is his grand jury testimony before he gives the testimony. There's an interview with. I believe prosecutors and police and scott paterno was there. Be description of that interview says nothing about sex no sexual nature. Nothing at all. Scott has tweeted that the first time he ever heard the term sex related to the conversation to query and paternal was what in prosecutors told joe as they were leaving that meeting it that's again a paraphrase but that's that's that's my perception of what scott tweeted so we so we have scott himself implying that prosecutors may have been planted in joe's mine. You know joe. This was a sexual nature right. Just so we're clear on that. And then joe says exactly. That in is very brief and rather vague grand jury testimony but to me the part where scott paternal clearly plays the biggest role over what joe says here and this is a story. I broke which no-one picked it up because it's me and i'm toxic and this was counter intuitive at the time because it seemed like it was a bad set of facts for joe paterno but people don't know the meaning never bothered report this again because i'm the one that broke it. The last person effectively they interview before they arrest. Jerry sandusky you know they they do that in november two thousand eleven in october of two thousand eleven they interview joe paterno one more time. They do it at his house. And who's he wears scott but it's it's just him scott and the investigators and the reason. Why in my very strong opinion. John they do. This is because they're looking at is vague. Shore grand jury testimony and i. Are we really going to hang all of this. On a phrase from joe paternal as powerful and his trusted as he is if we arrest jerry sandusky and start to try to create this firestorm and joe comes out and says wide. I remember telling me that the whole thing's going to blow apart they need joe paternal locked down and that second interview with scott being the only guy there with him in his house they do. They lock joe paterno down into a far more precise and declared a backing of mike macquarie's version of the story. And i would submit. Then you know opportunity. Was there motive. Was there for scott paternal and my way might not even been on purpose. It could've just been by us. Just you know the culture the of of clearly a year. I'm sure they had many conversations about this. Where scott is giving the message to joe. We've got a back mike. We've got back. Might we've got about backup. Mike and joe is low to his guys might quarterback for him. He had been an assistant coach for him and in fact in the last years of coaching. If you look at you can google pictures of your for yourself. Use numerous pictures of joe using might as the last guy of the sideline that was no paying attention to him. The get a message into the offense. He was his eyes and ears. Those last couple of years for sure right exactly and that's important because you know if you're eighty four year old man and you're confused and you don't remember what someone told you ten years eleven years before whatever. It was at that time. I i don't think it's a stretch especially when your son's talent we got back this guy. What are you gonna do that. Joe paternal instincts is going to be back his guy especially by the way. I do believe this is a factor you know. Joe was a republican himself so the prosecutor you know. Republicans tend to be pro prosecution. I used to be pro prosecution. All the diamonds i got into the baldness case. I mean So it's it's it's. It's a natural inclination. The joe is going to go okay. I don't i miss my interpretation. Joe's going. I don't remember this but everyone's telling me it happens. It's it it must be right. I can't believe it is. I'm gonna do. What i think is right and i'm gonna back mike macquarie's so in that second interview. That's what happens but i would submit it if that was really. Joe knew that to be true. Then why on his deathbed is he saying this. Find out what the truth is. Because that's not a guy who feels confident that he knows what the hell happened point and it doesn't make any sense to me and you know the the hbo movie starring al pacino as as joe paterno. I haven't watched it. Don't bother. I give i can. But but it. But it's funny to me. John i have been able to In looking at what the other side is put forward in all this. Whether it's aaron fisher's book or sara ganim is reporting or the documentary happy valley or the. Hbo movie paternal you. Can you can actually discern the the problems with that narrative from their own presentations and the paternal movie on hbo. It's funny there in the right church..

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