Treasury, Bob Muller, North Korea discussed on Erin Burnett OutFront


At this time are you at treasury working with bob muller at all on on information about anything with victory berg or payments from victor axel berg i can't make any comments relates to our sanctions or any thoughts on the specifics but let me just comment right now we have president trump focused on a summit with north korea and for the first time we may get rid of nuclear weapons in north korea so this is momentous we have secretary pompeo over there meeting today as we speak we're negotiating trade with china this morning president trump and president she had very good conversation they talked about trade they talked about north korea the president is taking strong actions with iran so whether it's north korea or whether it's iran the president is taking strong actions to protect the american people as it relates to this russian stuff let's let the the stuff get on with and not be a distraction from what are the the really important issues that are affecting us right now one final question treasury secretary if i may the bottom line here are you aware at this time of any suspicious bank activity involving michael cohen michael cohen himself specifically and any russian or russian owned entities on somewhat surprised that you would ask me to even comment on these things since the actions that treasury takes are completely confidential so you shouldn't read into this anyway if you ask me about any person john smith anybody else i wouldn't on national tv comment about specific investigations that would be completely inappropriate in in my possession.

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