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Right so so you had library. Initially you built the orchestration layer and then and then decided to build a power dream all social for exit price three and then he decided to open source it so Like my shows speak assignment last year when he joined to call off the next It is open to the whole social and It took almost four months for us. Released on september. Five september fifth Bit more than a year ago and a half four days also occasion and enjoying the moments at video started. Open sourcing because they're like phoenix. Did we lose damato on games. His surprise also extra price for and instead of continuous open sourcing call. The same community rushed into building price. Social weren't you expecting alexa prize for to come up immediately after three because i mean the previous now but the to the first two years they were one right after the other and there was a delay and then we had one so now. They're back on schedule. Yes so we sort of expected that that will be allowed to delaying. Remote cavs the chance to open source. Think polish deductible app and then like you know the next social Surprise for us. Lee aradio five announcement. So he's got enough. I guess i five announcements coming up. Shortly i think so. It should probably happened in a couple of days. Glazer based on luckiest anyway. Yeah absolutely okay. so yes. He started working on the open source project. So why was it important to open source. That code base good question. It's also in fighting on. Because i started working in proprietors between this but the industry looked microsoft to end. Like at some point there was not so much lawful linex atlantic slut but after more than ten years and building software is started to appreciate it open source. I thought depreciated defy debt. user knowledge. Is everyone and sharia knowledgeable. Tom key sayings the hottest for everyone else to catch up fears. You can What people buildings pasta so for us. It's like a thinking that you have operating system of sorts for duct systems and we believe that there has to be like a free open source colonel and for us this dream is journal and film distribution share open-source dalek appraising system of sorts. So that's why it was important for us to give it to the people because if you can give to the people everybody will be able to build their Stunts and been all how it happened to marketing to. The market. Lasiks is everywhere. It's sung smart vicious at some smart glasses using blade heater and pot for and you know you know i mean it's everywhere because it was available for everyone and we want that we won't transitions wolves to experiences around twice and around dialect around conversation. I know that's not enough. I know that just gaining only voice want make fox because people look adjustment. listen but still voice changes things. That's what we want to do what we wanted to help. Industry to thinks open source because right now they have to go to russia. Beaches fantastic for goal oriented jug butts and they have some sort of functionality. Arrest ejected but it's not exactly as platform for building large scale joey Beaches there but every company has now building in. Russian banks makes a wholesome buildings. This kind of stopped russia. Now's the conscious company. 'cause mel and then he'll play solutions like on southbound and that's so we want to get your choice right and so we we look at at rossa which has had some. They've had some great momentum. And i think in the marketplace. I'm not sure exactly where they are at the moment but over the past couple of years certainly and you look at that and you said well we're doing deep have la de pablo is not just for russian. It's language agnostic. correct. Yeah i'm not a doctor language agnostic. I mean we have some alternate will dirt in the system bobby multi folkston english-language russian vicious funny socks the today we have allegations in russian and like man polish it out vapors thankfully on human. Ob new rapes and countenances restaurants. And it's not like you like language. It's more like be working on very complicated tasks they working. can comprehend human language and of course that for english language. I is already enormous obstacle. And do you think it's harder to do it for russian or is it really just. It's a smaller market. And the activity right now is in english..

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