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Let's get our traffic now with Mary de pampa in our WTF traffic center All right Shane thanks a lot We'll start on the capitol beltway still looking for one on the beltway near 50 the John Hanson highway both directions they were running exit 19 first report was on the outer loop So watch all the way through the Baltimore Washington Parkway on the outer loop and inner loop traveling all the way through Basically the two 14 you'll see emergency equipment running There are no delays showing on the beltway This was the only thing mentioned if we continue in Maryland It's about the same Your interstate travel has been pretty light We had a crash on the 200th the ICC It's from the 4 o'clock hour not seeing any indication on the camera shop but it says they were westbound at last report before the George avenue X at 8 and watch out along the left side But again no slowdowns you'd find it at speed if your westbound on the ICC toward Georgia avenue stay right Nothing really happening on 95 in Maryland beltway about why doing well So this narrows it down are one big issue is in Virginia a crash from the 4 o'clock hour 95 southbound If you are trying to get to Quantico exit at one 51 the triangle exit using root one In fact you should use root one as an alternate through the Quantico area with the backlog the delay gets to the crash at Russell road exit one four 8 a single left lane of travel is getting by the ramp to exit two Russell road is closed So again plan ahead you can use route one on an early Sunday morning Mary de pompadour traffic Thanks Mary and let's get our weather now with storm team four meteorologist Lauren ricketts Some light shower activity rolling across the area this morning definitely on the windy side and we will continue to.

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