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I don't want to be too much of the the bummer period. I want to figure out how you grew it. But no that you talked producer Brian Benson about how two thousand four you had twins. They were both both born premature while you're dealing with this, and you told him it was even a sales call customer who's supposed to meet you didn't show up. It's amazing. The you remember it now over fifteen years later because. Yeah. It was near death. As I mentioned it two thousand three my co-founder Christmas give on the business in relocate. We need a few deals to get profitable. And this was mentioned as manufacturing. We had won their divisions lightning, and this was another division at ESPN process controls, and we're basing Chicago, drove up to Wisconsin. They were in a town called Delvin Wisconsin, which is kind of you know, about an hour north of the border of Illinois relief site. We had this opportunity presented Donkin turn the president of that business. We done some work with this team. And we thought, hey, we're gonna go be closing meeting. When we get this two hundred thousand dollar deal in two thousand dollar check as basically fund our business for the next next few months. And but I do remember we show up in the lobby. We're like, oh, yeah. The inception. Est. Chris recovers, Don. Don here today. And. Notification I still do this. Don't know what happened. Glad I do. Remember that was like the bottom for me. And I think yet as I mentioned Brian are twin boys governing grade they were born that same year and may thirteen two thousand four and they were they were warned thirty weeks and five days, and you know, and it's actually quite scary at my wife actually went onto address to twenty seven weeks and figures, we're first time parents the was normally in that meeting normally as is chaotic and. We have kind of sumo's to be normal full-term of big about not all of a sudden, it's like, oh, Manny start reading like all things can go wrong with, you know, premature birth, and we started the Niko in you nail intensive care you, but I remember that would probably botany one day short ouster, Don didn't show up or meeting as driving to the hospital to was my wife and kids and. I was like oh, man. I was just like oh, man. Life can't get any worse than this. My businesses is going bankrupt. My kids are more in the hospital. And I don't know if they're gonna kind of really developing and like feels like there's never been any worse. They're actually doing amazing. And now, they're fourteen years old their needs grays and the great runners of mountain biking skiing phenomenal boys. So we got really lucky. There didn't have any major complications and way will come home weeks later out of the Niko. But ironically, at that moment, I felt some relief as while. I'm like, okay, take any worse. Like those relieved just accepted. From there felt like my life on all dimension. Just started getting better as I mentioned boys or I've spent years later doing great and the business gradually started actually funny. We went to three months later. We actually got the meeting with Don tan, we actually got the contract and funny thing is gone never even really mining remix plane apologized for the first time. Happened. Yeah. But the next time we drove up, you're three months later. We got the deal in everything started working, but it was it was fairly tumultuous journey and it started working because what because you cut your expenses. But also because the market in the software started to get ready for your vision. Meaning the software could work fast enough people start believing again in technology in my right? Yes. And that was certainly true. The other big turning point part of our story was at around that time. I also met Martiniuk the founder and CEO of Salesforce, and he came out his Rhonda time stills going public in two thousand three, but he's doing venture Gago next went up to is giving predation that time there about two hundred people in the room walk up the metro. I'm like, hey, Mark young. We are early sales worth customer prototypical, early dot com. Customer, and.

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