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So as to the world we're talking to Rory Kennedy filmmaker moxie firecracker films and we've got a couple of that dangling chads here for we got a follow up quickly we got another ten minutes and we need to get a couple quick this is the rapid round Rory couple things so we want to pick up on what Kerry was saying before the break we also want to talk about women's issues and how they compare because we did talk about that last segment when you were at brown and what you've been doing for the academy of motion pictures arts and sciences so let's start first with Kerry's question I just don't understand why you have we have all these emergencies in the media is covering these emergencies would seem to be emergencies but why isn't there an uproar about what's going on with the planet about the pollution I and I don't care when people say to me that they don't believe in you know global warming that they don't believe in it because different things can cause a volcano can cause more ashen and damage to the ozone this in this this is okay let's see global warming isn't real let's say that let's say that why are you not looking at all the pollution in the oceans what we're doing to the forest what we're doing to the air okay Y. L. Y. right right yet what what's going yeah I understand and it is it is quite frustrating but I think what's important for all of us to appreciate is that the fossil fuel industry is spending billions and billions of dollars in and and take on that campaign communicating to audiences in very targeted way is that climate change isn't real so they are spreading that message they're spreading it on fox news they're spreading it in social media they are targeting very specific people and they're giving them very targeted misinformation to make them feel that way why are they not calling something different though all right the fires in Australia which are clearly the result of climate change right Murdoch owns the major newspapers in Australia and they were spreading misinformation that the wild fires were started by green groups that were ranting green plants and that those were lighting on fire and were the source of the fires if this is the wire the it's let's maybe we should scrap the name climate change that's the problem because the truth is it's more polluting and destroying you can't argue with that you can't argue that our oceans are being I did I had I had the yeah I do know Sylvia Earle is I I got you got to speak with her hi and we just just what we're doing the overfishing the polluting what we're doing to the oceans were doing ourselves and that's just one thing I mean the in the you know the fires the air that why are we calling it what it is we're we're polluting I think that's a good point to that it is it is pollution then we should remind people of that you know one of the things we're trying to do with the crime that emergency fund which is a fund to support activa and it's supporting people getting into the street causing a little bit of destruction right and the reason for that is if you look at the history of the United States when you're paying real change happen in this country it's always been predated by people getting into the street the civil rights movement the women's rights movement the disability movement the gay rights movement etcetera so the idea is to to really support these activists and to create a fund where we invest the mall and then you can give this fun money and then it goes directly into the hands of you know these young folks who are getting into the streets who are organizing and your really of pressuring our policy makers to do the right thing and and we're seeing real impact in that effort of corporations kind of changing their direction and I think you're saying you know the government changing the current climate states of emergency and really creating a commitment to getting off of our dependence on fossil fuel and our last year Rory you co authored a great Rolling Stone opinion with Red Hot Chili Peppers singer Anthony Kiedis in the Malibu foundations Trevor Nelson on the current climate crisis something that is really worth I read I read it something that explains a lot I think about what you're talking about how do people get involved in the climate emergency find if they wish to do so well thank you for asking I mean the other day as and that the the name suggests it is a fond so we really think of our funders as activists and not all of us can you know have the where with all to get the three thirty get arrested Arjun do the protests but funders can support those people by writing a check to the climate emergency fund so I I I recommend people go to our website and you know we don't do the work ourselves so we're really a past the row so what we do is we do that all of these groups whether it's extinction rebellion or Jane Fonda and Fargo Fridays or groups that are organizing universities to disinvest from fossil fuels is another example we support you know moms who are who are trying to get out the vote on climate change at in in swing states across the country so it's it's kind of a home range and spectrum we are on the front lines of that effort so if you're thinking what can I DO the world's falling apart I don't know what to DO you can go to climbers with the bond and write a check and I can guarantee you will get the hands of the people who are doing amazing work and we're helping them create infrastructure and really listing their ability to spread their message and and to really have impact in a much more meaningful way than they would in the end it since July we started we've raised almost three million dollars please actually into the hands of these activists you're hearing from them and you're seeing them a little bit more because of this money that is allowing them to really elevate their their messaging and their actions you know you've had such a great impact and you can see that it translates into action when people are giving people are more conscious of the issues getting back to your women's studies class round numbers only when you were in college I don't forget anything compare what you were talking about back at brown to what you were dealing with and have been dealing with for instance with academy of motion pictures arts and sciences hi for the Academy Awards getting women involved the the me too movement all of that stuff how does it compare to what you were standing back at brown it's all been informed you know bye bye what I study the brown and what I learned the ground and that the people who influenced me a brown and they have continued to have a lot of relationships ongoing relationships with fellow students who are who are among my best friends still and certainly you know does training that I had there and my analysis and understanding how the world works and has influenced me through today and that you know it's been my great honor to be on the board of the academy of motion pictures arts and sciences and I think being in that position and working with hello board members and the staff and the CEO there don had sent his amazing David will ban who's our president and so many others who are really committed to and really like great case and people who are really committed to inclusivity and making sure that our industry is really working hard to represent the greatest number of people and I think that the idea really you know it is not just to be inclusive but by being inclusive you have you expand the range of voices of perspectives we all understand the world a little bit deeper by exposing ourselves to people who are who are who don't have the same background as we DO you know NASA for example having just made the film is fully committed to that not because they want to you know make some they'll need some numbers of and say where are you the first is because Nassar worked better right when the people who come from all sorts of different perspectives and certainly the ours has always celebrated that and we we are committed to continuing that tradition so it's been it's been exciting to you know support those efforts and be a monster team has really committed that makes lot of sense before we let you go Rory just want to ask you quickly about the Boeing seven thirty seven project with imagine documentaries are teaming up with Brian grazer Ron Howard and of course your husband mark Bailey what can we look for from that project well that is just getting off the ground as they say but I'm very excited about it we're gonna look at what happened inside blowing that lead to these two crashes and tell the story hopefully from the inside out in that I think what will be really as a compelling film that won't get out in the world not for a little while but I'm excited to come back on your show once it's out tell you a little bit more about it at that point we'd love to hear about it it was a fascinating subject and something that I think is important moving forward yes and we love to have you in the studio be fantastic thank you we I really appreciate thanks for the timer that's Rory Kennedy she tweets at Rory Kennedy the film companies moxie firecracker dot com Marie thanks for being with us today thank you so much you all take.

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