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Slash Oh buddy t o p at 5, 30 traffic and weather on the eights And when it breaks Bob in the GOP traffic center going to start in Loudoun County, this time westbound seven very slow coming off bypass west of Leesburg and headed to appoint after Route nine, where I believe police around the scene of the crash on Route seven, westbound after Route nine. Otherwise, its volume delays along 66 from the Beltway out 1 23. Beyond that, it's really not too bad at all. 95 to travel south for Newington over the AKA Kwan and then As you had south of Quantico, slow in several stretches, getting toward Fredericksburg, where we really haven't had any rain all the reins but on the Maryland's high just about all of it anyway, and Beltway interlude coming out of Virginia very slow up 2 to 70 and through Bethesda, Silver Spring College Park and Green Belt and the Rain, of course in Prince George's County right now, keeping it very slow on the outer loop coming north of Central Avenue, headed toward the Baltimore Washington Parkway and off the parkway himself as you move up from Chevrolet toward the Beltway, But be very careful of down trees. Maybe some wires maybe. Traffic signals out around here. A lot of people not having their headlights on in the rain, So you want to get those on so people can see you 95 Baltimore Washington Parkway into 70 each doing alright. This traffic report is sponsored by Burke and Herbert Bank, where your business means everything. It's better at Bergen Herbert Bank at your service since 18 52 Bob Inland, double GOP traffic. Let's toss it over to Mike Standiford. Lots to address here. Mike. Yes. Good afternoon Hillary that tornado warning that wasn't effect for Prince George's County till 5 45. That's just.

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