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The gift alarms once it's over in order to make sure that is not the the yeah it's saying that that was a lower last week came as as you guys know that they're not doing anything the TSA that they're just nothing in fact maybe making things worse really really earn about that yeah maybe making things worse I've always said it's a placebo effect on that day there was a perfect storm and we have let our guard down thinking yourselves on nine eleven and every day before it can't happen us right not gonna happen us the new US so what do we do we panicked we freaked we we went about doing things were we decided to make ourselves feel better we're going to create these agencies we're gonna do all of these things were going to be after we were safe that ship is already sale right I say it today and I'll say it again if somebody goes crazy on an airplane now everybody what's up on their **** and they tie them down that's not happening again right even if somebody had a gun it's not happening again people you're like well there's a hundred videos on the play you don't have a gun with a hundred fifty volts so we're not gonna let that happen but under still scares me because underneath if anything was to happen it's the underneath that we don't know about and that to me is the scarier thing three two three five three twenty four twenty three acts have been to chose your Twitter feel free to tweet at me over the weekend he made a triumphant return to Saturday Night Live it's your old pal Mr Robinson so much has changed since we last met some time together Monday that has gone through so much is going through something called gentrification.

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