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Gotta call big Luciano eight hundred five two nine twenty eight fifty six write it down eight hundred five two nine twenty eight fifty six a new study shows a collision in space may have helped stud Jupiter's growth scientists who are studying data sent back by NASA's Juno spacecraft as it circled the planet beginning in July of two thousand sixteen said they were surprised to find that the gas giant did not have a small Dan score but instead a diluted one that means the core is likely not only made of rocks and ice but also mixed with hydrogen and helium and that some kind of giant impact was likely the cause of the shattered core using simulations in models researchers estimate a head on collision between Jupiter and a young planet ten times the mass of earth would have been enough to create the damage the study was published in last week's journal of nature I'm John soulless NASCAR is paid back the first responders of the plane crash that Dale Earnhardt junior and his family survived with a night at the races the Carter county Tennessee sheriff's office says it got free tickets to the Bristol motor speedway last night I'm in Kate's taking a look at K. assets traffic we're starting off in back of el all why sound eighty there's a two car crash in the center divide orange drive traffic is at a complete stop the meridian road at the bay bridge the metering lights are on traffic is heavy from Central Avenue to the mains westbound five eighty slow from twenty four to the mains traffic is looking clear across the span into the city at the Dublin interchange on eastbound five eighty a two car crash in the second lane from the left has been moved to the shoulder access in the drive C. H. P. is rolling and finally in Santa Clara on northbound highway seventeen there's a grass fire on the right shoulder at Saratoga fire crews are rolling in traffic is at a complete stop from redwood estates when KSFO traffic.

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