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The snow and they just continue to snow in the region but at the moment we are still responding well to those conditions expected we're expecting and we're still going to get frequent showers and a snow and also an increase in speed and so throughout the day we will have on critism plows out on the network continually increase of resources so that we can respond to any incidents and we've also got a recovery on standby to assist them with traction from you perspective better for the roads to be used in so the grit to be turned around at central better for them not to be used because we've had reports for instance from lincoln shanna that does not observe your error the from lincolnshire where some roads where where people aren't going of of just being completely closed because of drifting snow what what from from the your perspective what's better it is difficult political fully effective for the roads and obviously do need the traffic tabet dining to get the roads surface temperature increased and i mean we are advising people to a new travel is up salute the necessary and an and if they do to drive to the conditions and the but yeah at the moment you know we've got to lens out the three running on the major on the motorways and and that's because the traffic lynn 3s not run in atlanta is purely because the tropics not that to tibet die in and to clear it does spread the salt of traffic's on it it it goes yavan on israeli difficult how about that and at the moment like i said to lend a out of the free on every month lewis go running and i'm like fish struggling and slightly with the high winds which are causing the drifting ants who was close and for the safety reasons for the fifty about christmas uber because you herring earlier on for one of my correspondence cdu who talked to us about the.

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