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Local race car drivers. And a few of the old guys and girls to we don't have a problem with a few race car drivers from other parts of southern California. Absolutely. Or the country. We are FM ninety six one aim eleven seventy the answer. I'm dave. And I'm Michelle, and this is as I mentioned racer radio brought to you by San Diego carburetor and fuel injection. You're looking to get your carburetor down your fuel injection, Dan, or maybe even your distributor, we reworked believe it or not you get a lot of horsepower out of a distributor. If it's doing his thing sixty six twenty two University Avenue, just go to WWW dot S D, carb dot com for all your Carburetion and fuel injection needs. Well, we don't have anybody calling in on this fifteen minutes. So we'll talk a little bit about the season is starting to. Come to the end. Yep. We're in the playoffs now with the with they call the playoffs. Stupid name for the NASCAR finals and Formula one. In fact, Hamilton. Lewis. Hamilton won the Japanese Grand Prix. It's zucca. Yeah. And he set this record for the most polls one, I know. But isn't this kind of let me rub for Ariz nose and a pilot doodoo hamels? Did surprise by the way Ferraris title challenges faded after moving closed with drivers champion. You know, this is like McGregor in any of his opponents in the pre media prefight, you know, send up you just gotta dish. Whenever you get a chance to dish. But if Hamilton does win the next race circuits of America in Austin, Texas, he will be world champion. I'm less, Mr. Vattel finishes second. So the scenario has been set up because Vattel finished sixth at Suzuka after a collision with max Verstappen in Hamilton says he was expecting a much tougher challenge from Ferrari and Vattel heading into the summer break. Well, there you go you go. Well, you have to set your sight high. And so naturally as you come into the season you set the goals high and you set the target high. That's what Hamilton says. And when we got to mid season, we got that wing going into the break, and then again, really pushing to make sure that we come back even stronger again. So we set the bar quite high. Remember last week? He was told that even though he was a head that he had a whole off and let Lewis win. Yeah. Taking one for the team. I hate that. I hate that too. But dang it. That's what I was hoping for us. Really not always the case that you achieve your target. But think we have through really great hard work from everyone. To pick up the. Yeah. The he they're lobbying for the constructor constructor's trophy. Well, Verstappen I guess was I didn't get a chance to see it. But he was very unhappy at ridiculous. And that'll clash step stepping didn't give me room, according to Vattel. So so you're going to have that. And then in terms of Sebastian's performance, of course, Hamilton said, I I didn't expect up until the mid part of the season that they were very strong. And then we obviously got to Monza. And then after that there was still quite strong. Singapore was where it really started tail off. And I definitely had anticipated yadda yadda, yadda. But the winner Suzuka has Hamilton with a sixty seven point vantage over Vattel having been seventeen clear just four races ago and the defending championship suggestion Ferrari has taken a step backwards rather than Mercedes finding major gains over the past few rounds. I mean Hamilton does he pulls he pulls clear in Japan. Not only have they lost a lot of performance. Just performance has been not coming in the same way. So did you watch last night? I mean a chance to watch. That's what I'm saying. Did you watch some of it? I like I say I was baking I fell asleep. But the track there in Japan. What an awesome track. Just it's perfect Japan. Did a really good job Bill. Yeah. They sure did. You can tell her reminds me of a circuits of America. Yeah. It's clean and technical. Yes. And lots of good turns. And I I saw it watch them going around at that. I think it's a pretty good spectator track to to be honest with you. Yeah. It looked like it. And those are the Japanese are huge race fans. Oh, yeah. Here's a rundown. So you've got first place Lewis Hamilton and a Mercedes and BOTAS came in second in a Mercedes. Estaban was in a red bull. He was third. Rickie Ardo was in a red ball. Rankin was in a Ferrari. So I was fifth. Yeah. And five is not bad. Yeah. Kimmy? He's he he he's one of those guys. It's like how much longer is. He going to be a bridesmaid so good. I know I love, and then you got Vattel was in six in a Ferrari, and then Perez was seventy and raising point number eight was grossing and Haas car, which should have an American driver. But that's not greed. It's American was also a racing car sized junior in a Renault ghastly and a Toro Rosso Ericsson and Asaba Hartley and Toro Rosso. Fernando Alonzo McLaren fourteenth. Van Dorn was also in a McLaren. That's fifteen that's to McLaren's back to back that doesn't tell you also really consistent with last week where they were. Well, Syra Ciragan. He was in a Williams. He was sixteenth. Stroll was also in a Williams. He was seventeen. Lek lurk was in a Sauber. He was eighteenth. Hawkin? Berg was nineteenth in a Renault which fallen back the last two did not finish sabre Nico. I mean. Magnuson was also out. He did not finish. And he's in Haas. Also, so bummer for him because he was doing really well. I I would love to have someone from the management at Haas or one of the racers or something. I'd love to have them call in in the off season. And you just got to reach out. I know what they're doing because they are the only American team and they've done over remarkable job for only being in that series for just a few years. Now, here's a little report that you don't arm catch out of us. Motoko GP Marc Marquez and also Honda team emerged victorious at the inaugural. PT thought Thailand grand prix to take another giant leap toward the two thousand eighteen Moto GP world championship to battle and burying went down to the wire between the Spaniard and second-place Andrea dove ac-. So he's on the team with movie star Yamaha Motor GP's maverick Bonilla's, claiming a valiant comeback podium, and it was Marquez who got the whole shot from Paul as the lights went out and with Valentino Rossi. He was on a movie star Yamaha modo GP tucked in behind his rival from p two on the grid. Carl crutch slow L CR Honda Castro launched well from p five to slot into third before Davar Sio retook P three into turn three as a front three in qualifying hell their station. Spearheaded the field into the high-speed game chess at the Chiang international circuit everyone had positions before Rossi got paths and Marquez on lap for on the run down to turn three with tire life. A major factor in the soaring. Thailand temperatures, no one wanted to force their hand. And that was until lap eleven when Rossi couldn't get his m one firing off the first corner with Kati and Honda of Marquez getting past the ninth time champion, leaving the number sixty four now in charge of controlling the two hundred mile. L per hour. Freight train. So with lap times fluctuating in a front group of eight now Pac together Yoahan's ARCO on a monster. Yamaha tech three the man to lead Dani Pedrosa proposal Honda team and Alex rans team. Suzuki ex ex star up to the tail pipes of Bonelli and fifth is only a matter of time before someone decided to pull the pin with laps to go up to pace Marquez and Rossi tag along with fourth place. Crutch slow slipping back down to p for an end to peace seven. Overlap times then slowed but the bottom line was our boy Marc Marquez took the win. All right. Hey, we're going to take a small break when we come back dirt dude should be calling in hopefully, hopefully, he's awake. I don't know. He might not be night last night. He needs his beauty sleep pasture. So hang on, folks. We're gonna take a small break AM ninety six AM eleven seventy the answer are, Dave..

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