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Struck by hit and run driver. It's believed that a dark Ford SUV missing side mirror drove off from sane. This was near one sixteen one six seven the on and off ramps at north Meridian there in Puyallup police tracking down the driver the man who was hit expected to recover after being taken to the hospital. If you did see something or know of anything, you're asked to call law enforcement, a state lawmaker wants to eliminate access to pornography at public, libraries, Republican state Representative Michelle called ear and has introduced a Bill that would mandate the installation of content blocking software create a statewide policy on internet access at public libraries. Are filtered. Others have got complete an open access now in the past librarians every such efforts arguing they shouldn't be policing speech calls to the King County library system and the Washington library association have not been returned. Thanks to an incredible community effort, the sky valley food Bank. This is the one in Monroe reopen yesterday after a power outage that kept them in the dark for nearly twelve hours. Police officers and firefighters city workers and volunteers rushing to the food Bank during the outage on Thursday night. Save more than ten thousand pounds of cold food alone. The doors are now back open, Cindy, chessy of the food banks say a feed nearly three thousand people a month there and your so thankful for the helping hand I know that I live and work in an incredible community foodbank lost just to about fourteen hundred pounds of dairy products during that outage, which was caused by a dump truck that pulled down some nearby power wires an eighteen year old now accused of a deadly hit and run last month span of may. Spanaway? You might recall this one area of ask was Lopez was hit and killed while he was walking along one hundred fifty second street east on January. Fifteen Pierce county sheriff's department saying the nine one one had been called right away. His life could have been saved. Investigators say the arrested a suspected driver at his parents, home and south hill at home. They found a white Toyota Camry that was missing a side view MIR a similar Mira was found at the scene of the accident. Komo news time now is six thirty eight police are calling it an ambush murder. Detectives have surveillance video of a man named Cody Brock hiding and then shooting Dustin Wilson as he entered his Bellingham home this week police in welcome county asking for your help in the hunt for Brock. There's a picture of them at our website at komonews dot com. If you have any information or ask asking you that you make that call all right before the new tunnel opens another one had the close entrances now sealed off to the battery street tunnel that runs from Denny way to western avenue. Komo's Joel Moreno spoke to some of the businesses expecting a big hit from the lost since one thousand nine hundred fifty four this subterranean shaft has been a main thoroughfare for people headed the pike place market. If you come coming from the north there you coming down the batter street Jack made their runs a fish stand at the market, and is so worried about access to the conic shopping district. He started a petition drive demand that they keep the sing open, which.

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