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A brand new Fresno city councilman his name is somewhat known. He was involved with the was the CIO. I believe of the Fresno unified school district prior. We'll let him explain that. Is he sort of introduces himself to you the Cam J audience, and that is Miguel Arias who is now at Fresno city councilman making a little bit of news lately. Mckell welcome Cam. Jay good. Thank you. Appreciate the invitation you, and I met is you pointed out because I forgotten well not about that. But the water March a million years we first met about ten years ago this week when you were helping lead the March for water from the big March from two reservoirs, and by Los Daniels, and actually my family, and I joined you on that March between mendota and far ball at that time. I was working in the west side of the Fresno county organizing the food relief efforts for the farm workers have been unemployed because of the significant water drought and the like of good policy has it been ten years then ten years it was actually April fourteenth of twenty nineteen. Of two thousand nine hundred faith and getting old. Yeah. Yeah. We actually had a really good conversation me you and mayor Alain artery also joined us. It was the first time in history that we saw urban leaders in the city of Fresno. Alongside a rural community residents and leaders and farm workers and farmers on the same page asking for water security because of the economic engine that it provides as I said, then I said now I said to you before we jump on the air, and you agreed. This wasn't even a political deal. This was a right or wrong deal. And you were there or you weren't those that weren't looked pretty bad. Yeah. It was a crisis. It was a crisis that resulted in thousands of people being off work for minds. I remember when I when I got back from Washington DC to help on the defense efforts. We were heading out canned food from China that was spoiled to these workers had we're waiting hours and hours in line. I and basic food some fury, adding your background your Fresno unified for a while. Right. Yes. I actually after I returned from Washington DC the food relief efforts because at the water drought. I went to city hall for about a year. And then I was recruited to Fresno fighter help try and turn around the district. So I spent about eleven years at Fresno unified. What did you do in DC? I actually work as a legislative assistant over a series of legislation agriculture business education defense military spending. For congressman Cal Dooley. Okay. Cool. Yeah. So I spent about three to four years with a congressman duly here in Fresno and DC now's a city councilman. Do you envision yourself in a particular role? I mean where where do you fit in as a councilman? You know, it's interesting that in the last few days, there's been a lot of labels throw. Now, progressive I've been hearing liberal culture wars, all this, you know, silly labels. What you'll see is in my tenure city council in the last three months. I have voted exactly the same as council. Remember Cape Redfield on every single vote with council member Steve wrandell, we've different in one boat, which was them recent panhandling ordinance that Gary Brenner field at myself voted against. So it's it's at the local level. I don't think it's about. Political labels or parties, it's about solving everyday issues that we are no exist broken sidewalks. Broken roads trees that are overgrown and not trimmed its what people care about when they look outside their window. How would you describe your own personality? I would say I think people who've worked with me for years will tell you that. I do my homework. Carly prepared. I while studied, and I'm very clear about the objectives that we have to compass though, I don't spend a lot of time fighting over things that are not going to move any which way. So I heard your description earlier of me, and it wouldn't mind. Yeah. It's the same description that has been used to describe Brooke Ashton Terry sporadic Gabriel field. Definitely brenda. Right. So I say the words that were expanded by you from some your new colleagues at city hall and some of the old colleagues unified. You're you're a bully. It's your wire the highway, and that can certainly some of the other names that you mentioned. But would you respond to that? Those are my words. Yeah. You know, what's interesting is that those are all from individuals. So actually don't know me quite well and having worked with me, it's typically folks from a distance and folks who like to exchange social media tweets and posts, but who haven't actually sat down. And work with us. And some of that is just political rhetoric. I mean at the same time that that counselor Butterfield suggesting that I'm a social Justice warrior. He's asking me to co-sponsor an ordinance on panhandling. So I think people understand that. That's just unfortunately, the modern day politics. They say a lot of things are trying to track some kind of reaction from their respective base. But at the end of day, it'd be look at my track record I helped turnaround school in mendota as a coach at the school board. President I helped in around Brazil unified in my tenure, I've I've helped pass a billion dollars for new schools in college campuses everywhere. I've been I've been promoted I've missed successful in doing work with community. And it's never been a one sided conversation for me. I have as many supporters in labor as I do in the Republican party and a decline estate. Okay. We'll buy your own description. It sounds wonderful your coalition builder. You wanna work with the other side? Yet, you've publicly have referred to the mayor is weak. There's oversight the financial commitments that we make our follow through and whether or not we ought to be able to talk about them, honestly and openly. Okay. So you you don't believe the mayor's week? No. I actually think he's a pretty good guy. So I have a good relationship with him. I think you'll see with the mayor and other council members. When all this rhetoric is put aside we get along just fine. And we have some very good conversations. I also think he's an interesting situation. Trying to move city that's rapidly growing and to this day, we cannot afford public safety and public infrastructure. You are very quick and your colleagues to dismiss a plan that he offered for this this Espy one money to be divvied up throughout the district's that was put together by the traffic engineers, etcetera etcetera. You said it was there's just not going to happen. What was wrong with it? Actually. I think you're referring to my colleague says sparce who said it was dead upon arrival. Okay. It's still Representative of the group that you're you're well, we will we did is we received a marriage proposal at five o'clock on Friday. We spend all week in review in and keep in mind, we've had conversations with the mayor staff with the traffic engineers for three months now about these developing proposals. So we're fully aware of what they were proposing. And we said then that we have to find a comprehensive approach to deal with the infrastructure. That's clearly broken and is far more broken in parts of town than in other parts of town. And will we asked for was a plan that ensured everyone got basic infrastructure. No matter where they lived that they had sidewalks. They had streets and bike lanes near schools it respective of of where you live in Fresno, your school children should be able to walk to school without having to be on the road are elderly and disabled should be able to use the sidewalks and not a dirt walkway or not have to go on the roadway. And frankly, you know, Ray our city was annexed and incorporated eighteen eighty five. We have neighborhoods that are more than a hundred years old in a south part of Fresno. The needs are dramatically different in some neighborhoods than they are another's to the credit of a lot of leaders in Fresno. The north part of the city and some in the southeast there were master planned. They were built from the beginning. With whites roads bike lanes and sidewalks that wasn't the case in a lot of the older parts of the city. The way that the issue has been portrayed though. And you correct me if I'm wrong, we'll correctly the sentiment behind the statement that if you give the impression it has been said, you're giving impression you and your colleagues that you want all the money to go into your areas all of it, and none of it to go northeast northwest. Absolutely. If you read our proposal Ray, our proposal is pretty simple, we ask and keep in mind. This proposal is incomplete alignment with the city's general plan and the actor has meditation pine that our mayor voted and approved on years ago. So our proposal actually aligns perfectly with with it. And with the proposal simply says is instead of doing this on a one year basis determining what road gift fixed and one sidewalks get fixed annually, that's stopped a five year plan. So we know what projects that take longer are going to get funded and when they're going to be fixed. Let's prioritize sidewalks bike lanes around schools and make sure that our seniors and our school student can. Walk. I have half a dozen schools that don't have any sidewalks leading up to them. Let's also prioritize the worst roads to make sure that those get rebuilt and maintained. And let's look at the pre nine thousand nine hundred neighborhoods because pre nine thousand nine neighborhoods rate. Don't have a facility districts where they generate additional revenue to maintain their neighborhood roads. They rely simply on the general fund, and it's also require resin input. The guests has dollars. Everybody pays for residents to have a say on whether they want this treat fix or these sidewalks improved and what the timeliness, and lastly, let's make sure that local residents benefit from the jobs that we're going to be producing. This funding source is just one of five funding areas that the city has to be able to fix and improve streets in our city, and it's going to be ongoing. So we want to do is take a comprehensive approach have been able to fix historical obstacles the marriage proposal on the. The face of suggests that we should divide the pike essentially equally. Our city is not equally the same condition. We have bottlenecks on Clinton McKinley Ashton Shaw was the night where residents can get there. They generate significant mount pollution. We have Rosen south Fresno that require people to improve their suspensions extends our tires more frequently because the conditions are far worse. More importantly, we still have neighborhoods that were annexed into the city a hundred years ago that don't have sidewalks. They're going to take a break Miguel. Arias new to the Fresno city councils in the camp j studios with us talking about this SP one the controversy. Maybe this a on the teapot. Maybe it's not. But how to spend this money? It's not a big amount of money. We're talking about a total of you know, funds from SP one and local funds at twenty two million on a six hundred million dollar program. You know, that's going to be tough to divvy up, and, you know, make everybody happy, but we'll talk more about it after news update. Here's liz. Thank you Ray and elderly sex offender facing new charges after exposing himself to a ten year.

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