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Way start getting your wolf holes your khaimah thrones even in the future something that really can lean into the sex the guts the motive fantastic point yeah no completely agree yeah so okay blanchette do you have a cape buffet we can implements i mean i'm gonna cheat hair say carol because of we've got sarah posted in there as well something again i think she was very unto east in eight but that's the m yeah absolutely a hundred percent the speech that she gives carol of what she sort of took into couch character in saying with good people we there's just that minute no that really knocks the wind out view in carol i should say really it's screen and get some a house in august film for some screen i think i'd leave my day job if i didn't mention it's a fantastic movie you can go and see you can i'd say yeah taught hanes such beautiful film again a film with an artist to you on a narrative i'd say my favorite cate blanchett performance is probably in another teams film i'm that those sort of kaleidoscopic popular non bio pig where she plays the strung out nine hundred sixty five sixty six don't look back here she's really she's probably only that for maybe twenty minutes of screen time but the rest of the film is one exist because you're wanting to come back got the kid one i think probably wouldn't even mention lord of the rings which is for many people the defining cave on shit well let's know if we've missed out and he kate blanchett recommendations l to be lies on twitter truth in movies at til dot com all elderly relies dot com slash podcast i think that wraps things up this week beth javale thing to mention the end of the day we've got very exciting series five random axe airing on your televisions very very scene and we'll be keeping you up dated on that on our social media and you can follow me at best k web on twitter i think there's one bits of business we should probably point sounds as well it's a very special day for yeah we we don't usually birth shoutouts on the cusp but we would like to ish a very special savings calvin happy birthday today one of little white lies can you be says and contributing editors they say i'm one thing you could do with sophie as she recently puts short film she directed and roads online ship there on her twitter so far so good yes check it out it's it's pep pep beth is so next week we have sicario to sold out oh d sequel to reveal news action thriller evening this evening okay i'm seeing next week at also leave no trace debra granik ben foster life on the the margins of monday america but for film club because we're talking about granite can leave no trace we're going to talk about her previous film which was winter's bone film that's announced jennifer lawrence to the world you mind me asking what happened to your your lip my bike bill for bike well henry seventeen seventeen okay now if this is something you really wanted to do we'd have to bring mom and dad i consigned for myself not a seventeen camp and seventeen you're still considered a minor but us government okay you have to be eighteen sign up would it be a problem get mom and dad in here i mean i commend you guys house my mom's sick dad's gone well having brothers or sisters might be able to help i got a little brother little sister twelve and six well he's taking care of them right now i'm you on is that what you need to forty thousand dollars yes sir sounds like it might be a bigger challenge just stay home you know and actually take your brother sister because you know you're going to be able to take them with you to training right let's think about that through the usual channels bath thank you so much assisting with me here today i've been michael leader and as always this has been seven digital production

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