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Sidney Jones is a whole different proposition from the time you drafted him. It was the idea there's a long-term investment in a guy that when we finally get him on the field. He's going to be in not just a good. He's going to be an elite player. Well, right now to me, and I've looked at it. I've gone back to me. He is indistinguishable. From all these practice squad. Guys, you're playing with. I mean, he can't cover any can't tackle. So you told me what do you tell me what he offers at this point? That is that's a killer because you know, next year is when you're supposed to have the value of a high level player year three before you sign them. Maybe it's the way you don't have to pay Ronald Darby, take the money. You would have given Darby allocated to a different position slide Sidney Jones he's not making much jail mills not making much. That's how you kind of do this in a salary cap each if he can't hold up his end of the bargain as a quality cheap year three player, then it's a it's a failure. Hey ray. So it's huge. I mean, that's a real problem. That's a real scary one because he's here's a key player in their future. And I I understand he got off to a slow start. And I understand the injuries. But some of it like a lot of John, and I we even talked about this like in the spring, and in the summer all of a sudden, he's not like practicing for a week two weeks, and nobody can kind of tell you what the. The injury is. Well, he's he's you know, we're just shutting them down for what's that all about? And now he's getting a chance to play with no excuses and you have a play like the last play. You got to play like the first play from scrimmage at the saints run where that's his that's his that's his responsibility. That is that is his plate right in front of him. He's not blocked. It's him and Ingram in the whole any any bounces off that. Transit, dan. That's that's really scary. When does it become an indictment of Corey online? You know, we saw Sidney Jones at Washington look like perhaps the best cover corner coming out in the draft that year and we've seen Corey Graham play well at times last season. And now, it feels like the longer they're in the mix getting coach, you know, being a part of this defense things are deteriorating. Now there was a play by play in this game. Michael Thomas caught ball. I forget who the cornerback was to that side. It may have been a Sullivan. Corey Graham getting over there to cut it off. Tr- tried to undercut this thing by five yards. The only reason Michael Thomas didn't have you know, another touchdown seventy yard. Or whatever is is. He fell down. It was the worst one of the worst angles. I've ever seen taken by safety Corey undone. Is he all he is cracked up to be as as a coach so much success in in Denver with an incredible crop of Cornerbacks. Can he do the coaching thing when you've got players that aren't elite Allstars? Remains to be seen. I don't know. I mean, he certainly hasn't demonstrated. The way the way I kind of evaluate coaches is you look at a player when he first arrives at your team. Yeah. And then you look at him over time. And you ask yourself the question has he developed has improved. That tells you if your coaches are coaching, right? Have you seen any defensive back at better here? One guy that came in at one level, and you say man, he's really gotten better. Jalen did from year one to two but other than that he he regrets this year, but he did from year one to tell. But that's probably the only one and he went backwards. Yes. And he had a great pass rush last year which did help let's talk to Taryn Lehigh valley. Who joins us Tara happy thanksgiving. Yes. Happy thanksgiving, gentlemen. Ray? It is a privilege to speak to you. Because actually one of the things I wanted to talk about you answer perfectly with micro. The only question I do have is is anybody wanna know what my golden Tate is thinking about his offensive coordinator coordinator, stating he doesn't not sure how to integrate them into the system. Get me outta here in six games. Right. I mean, if you're gonna sure how could you be happy right now? Right. And Mr. de camera, I got a proposition for you. Yes. Wondering if you're interested in joining the sisterhood of traveling shoes. I actually equate to your shoe size and bent, so. Wow. Hey, listen to this year. I did a little research. I found out the brand of Joe shoes that he says are European sized and European sizing is actually forty. Yeah. That's that's in the forties. That's not what you're talking about their echo shoes. They are American sized shoes. And also. I don't know if I. And really, honestly I've tried on where sometimes I the nine sometimes at eight and a half well who drops to drop two and a half. They didn't have this this. Doesn't matter. Well, I'm not going to say what I wanted to say again once. Tara Tara house, the west wing gone aptly believe it. I'm on Caesar show eight it's actually pretty good. I'm I'm not gonna lie won't it's not as good as game Berlin's are a batch shows like that. But it's intriguing. I i'm. Are working tardy. Get anyone to thanksgiving dinner with you who do you want there from watching his special? I think for the Super Bowl about his depression. And how he came back and become the athlete that he is now is Mr Brian Dawkins? That's an interesting answer wonderful tower. Appreciate the call Darren in south Philadelphia. Darren your WIP good. Good afternoon. Joe Ray Ritchie. I to say happy thanksgiving my favorite radio show on God's green earth stare happy. Thanksgiving. If you guys weren't doing the thing. I I'd say you guys definitely come to my house thanksgiving, even you Joe we take care of you. But you'd have to sit through a marathon a game of thrones. Oh, I'd have no problem with that. He is watching your Blu rays there. I'm there. Oh is he started? Yes. Episodes episodes in the coin, listen this week, what the hell man, I I've been dealing with work and getting my housemate everything's giving. Good for you. And Joe are you regretting not jumping on the sooner. No. But I'm enjoying what he said. I don't think he's going to. Does he wants me to say that I'm not regretting not watching the sooner? I'm happy. Are you happy that you're finally happy and finally Washington? Sure that you're gonna continue to watch. We'll get to the end and I'll figure out if I started over again. But yeah. Yeah. In the final season. I've already put it together. I gotta get this already by April or something when the new season starts, I'll be there. All right. You guys have given. Thanks bye. Appreciate it. There Ray I've received quite a bit. And you've heard some of this coming in earlier today quite a bit of. The word beret abuse. Word. I mean, right. Like, what are you taking a fine fellow lovers? I see Joe once again, it seems to me I I'm sympathetic to you to appoint on do you? Do you do open the door to a lot of this.

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