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To cover with weld. County commissioner. scott james scott. What do you say. Good morning and let's get it again. What you got. I'm reading old man. I've got all sorts of stuff. I do love that piece. Out of the denver gazette talking about the prime directive when it comes to the role of government and i want to dovetail that with a piece that was in complete colorado john caldera not mincing words saying that twenty twenty two is looking pretty good for republicans if they don't screw it up. Well let's say he was a little bit more strident in his verbiage. There but one start with what's going on with the transportation little bit about greenhouse gas transportation ruled lawmaking. You know the transportation commission is is meeting today in denver. Gale and the transportation commission is being asked by by cdot staff To advance to give approval to go to rulemaking on something that senator to sixty and centerville to sixty directs a greenhouse gas Purview to transportation They and rightly assert that one of the number one of greenhouse gases is now travelers. Now you and i driving those nasty gas burning vehicles that belch Nasty greenhouse gases out of the out of the tailpipe and so now what what transportation projects must show is the way that they're going to mitigate greenhouse gas impact and so the rulemaking that the the tc will most likely approve today. We'll say hey yes. We're going to tie greenhouse gas to the funding of transportation and if you decrease your greenhouse gas emissions he ain't gonna get. The money is kind of the bottom line. All right what about That mandates on employers to regulate their workers commutes basically saying take the bus or car pool or got to stay home. That's the employees trip reduction program. And i'm sorry that's a completely different mental organization where we're talking about today is transportation commission and and the colorado department of transportation But now we also have the air quality control commission the see. See that is going to go to rulemaking on this employee trip reduction program so you have two different things that are uniquely transportation now being governed out of two different governmental bureaucrat. Gobbledygook organizations and..

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