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One and with sports on the home of the Bears. Rick Greg is ready or 7 80 what a 5.9 FM deputy BBM News time. It's 10 48. We have traffic and weather information now and here's Abby Ryan Thean Downside of the Kennedy that is heavy from Ohio on into Jane Byrne. Interchange. Outbound. We're looking at delays right around Ohio on up to about North Avenue, but it's getting better than it. Wass Thean Valda Eisenhower. Not too bad. Just a little soldier approached Thie. Jane Byrne Interchange Outbound on the Ryan. Now we do have delays again. They're pretty hefty out of the Jane Byrne interchange right before Roosevelt on down to 18th thie inbound side of the Ryan that is delayed from 35th on up to the Jane Byrne and our change in the traffic delay is very solid in battle of Steven sent heavy on the ramps just past Ashland to get to the Ryan had to Wisconsin, in particular the outbound side of the Stevenson that is heavy off of Lake Shore Drive right before State Street on up to the Wisconsin exit to the Ryan as well. In battle, Miss Stevenson heavy from State Street to Lakeshore Drive. That's because Lake Shore drive is shut down between Fuller 10 and the Stevenson Tonight, North bound Lakeshore Drive. You've got delays that began right around 35th on up Stop and go because you can't access the lakeshore drive north bound there. Other roads. We do have lots of things going on downtown. Majority of some of those bridges over the river are raised. You can't get through now. Trains not running into downtown. They're not going north of 47th south of Fullerton or east of Holst. Ed Bus service does remain, but you could see some re routes because of the raised bridges and those street closures. Next traffic Report. 10 58 NEWS Radio 7 81 of 5.9 FM. Partly cloudy and comfortable through the night tomorrow. Mostly sunny, pleasantly warm high in the Upper eighties upper seventies at the.

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