Quentin Espinoza, Glendale, Racine discussed on Wisconsin's Morning News with Gene Mueller


Thirty five on wtmj this is steve school feeding they tuesday it's nice now let's get cooler later getting back to that with winter weather we had a nice uh was break yesterday was if if you're out if you're somebody hadn't got their christmas decorations up yet yesterday was the day to do it provided you could stand your ladder because it was a little breezy in some places we have a very very busy show today 9 o'clock hour bullying we talked about last week quentin espinoza killed himself city of glendale well now the school district of glendale is considering changing some of their bullying policy and also the city of racine is considering doing the same thing all these stories about blowing this country we've seen it play out in social media certainly that was the case in the case of the story michelle what can communities do really want to hear what have to say about this because bowling's been around forever was around when i was a kid which is a long time ago that hasn't changed but the laments of bullying the way in the manner the kids do it has certainly changed and as i said before used to be you could walk away from her school and walk away from the bully now that bully follows you home through social media instagram twitter facebook that in the nine o'clock hour nine thirty five charles charles manson died yesterday he's eighty three years old of course the sharon tate love jaca murders in the in the late 1960s do we romanticise mass murderers in this country i thought about this in the context of that story coming back because what did i shall ask night and all the networks was coverage of charles manson here we are decades decades later he's back in a news do we romanticise mass murder to the point where it encourages in some ways people to say i want to be bigger and better than that story by and people are thinking and really really dangerous terms do they play into that story in does does frankly.

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