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P.m. live racing resumes tomorrow at one 10 p.m., highlighted by the king Corey steaks, and that's your north of the border report for this Saturday morning. For more updates in racing information, visit woodbine dot com or follow along on both Twitter and Instagram at woodbine. TB. HR RN is live online. Go to our website and horse racing radio .NET to stream all of our broadcasts live or listen to the show archives anytime. Read our vlogs. Get the latest news and see our entire broadcast schedule. It's all there at horse racing radio dot net. And follow us on Twitter at HR RN and like our page on Facebook. Search Apple podcasts for HR RN and download our latest shows. HR are in is home to racing's biggest events in our home on the web is at horse racing radio .NET. You're listening to the equine forum on HR RN presented by twin spires. Welcome back, poll question this morning. Who is your pick to win the Preakness stakes this afternoon? Maege, national treasure blazing 7s or other May attracting 48% of the vote from HR and nation coffee with Chris and perform the other two horses getting some play in the other category, post time 7 O one eastern. Time for one historical date in racing history in this segment here before I get you ready for hour number three. It was may 20th, 1977, the two year old John Henry, when his first race in his first start, there was a four furlong maiden race at Jefferson downs and we know the rest is history for the Hall of Famer. Today was that anniversary, may 20th, 19 77. Keep the boats coming at HR and Twitter horse racing radio network on Facebook and email the show might get horse racing radio dot net. Two hours down, one more to go on this Preakness edition of the equine forum when I come back. Scott Shapiro joins me for the twins fires triple play, ten 20 Kurt Becker takes you on his weekly stroll through racing history and at ten 30, del Roman's Tim wilkin will both be here for this week's edition of I ask they answer. If your local station is leaving us at this time, continue listening to the third hour of the show, nationwide on Sirius two 16 XM two O four and

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