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Update cues of an epic crime good morning I'm Jacquelyn Scott in the Katie okay new center this is Oklahoma's first news sizzling heat index prompting an excessive heat warning for today our forecast is coming up state officials are responding to an Oklahoma state bureau of investigation program epic charter schools the company runs online and brick and mortar programs in Oklahoma City and Tulsa it is accused of embezzling millions of dollars state house minority leader Emily virgin of Norman says if the allegations are proved true it shows a systematic flaw in the regulation of online and charter schools in Oklahoma state school superintendent joy Hofmeister tweeted that the allegations are extremely serious and disturbing and that the state department of education will work with the criminal investigation to determine whether taxpayers have been defrauded millions of dollars the company took in more than forty one million dollars in education funds in twenty seventeen and will receive a reported one hundred twelve million dollars in twenty nineteen the latest campaign finance reports show democratic U. S. representative Kendra horn continuing to out pace of her Republican challengers and fundraising for sleep the GOP is targeting for twenty twenty porn is the lone Democrat in Oklahoma's congressional delegation her closest competitors were Oklahoma City businesswoman tearing me she reported raising five hundred thirty one thousand dollars end state senator Stephanie Bice who reported raising one hundred eighty one thousand dollars president trump continues to attack a group of democratic lawmakers even as Republican lawmakers are urging call John decker reports the president not backing down from his Sunday comments on Twitter in which she suggested that for democratic Congress woman should go back to the crime infested countries from which they came what they did in the way they're treating Israel is a disgrace.

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