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Talking about what's going on with the Justice smollet story. It looks like it actually is a race hate crime hoax. We'll see as it continues to play out. But it's not looking good for Jesse smelly which should happen to them. If it is a hoax like it looks like what's happened to them. Well, by the law. It's his first offense, you probably wouldn't get anything more than community control. You know probation. Based on everything you've seen in a how much effort time money was spent by the police how much it's impacted really our nation. That's it. That's all what happened to. Wow. And listen if we've got liberals out there saying that wearing a red make-america-great-again hat is the same thing as wearing a KKK hood. Is it any wonder that people wearing those hats are being attacked? I take you to Kentucky. Sam's Club customer. He and his wife were wearing make America. Great again hats. Well, a guy named James Phillips. Made an obscene gesture with his finger towards the couple because they were wearing their hats. And the guy with the hat on return. The gesture well that was too much for James Phillips. He walked up to the couple and pulled out a forty caliber handgun, and stuck it in the man's face backed up and said, it's a good day for you to die. The guy wearing the make-america-great-again hat said I told him then pull the trigger put the gun down fight me or pull the trigger whichever one you want and he backed up, and he said it again, he said it's a good day for you to die. But then the guy thankfully, didn't shoot him when outside sat in his car waiting for his mom to come out with the guy with a make-america-great-again hat went out to them and got into it with them, which is crazy to me the guy had a gun, but he went out to car and said and I confronted him. And he told me that I saw him. I said, I never touched you. The police were called because multiple witnesses called saying guy at pulled a gun on the couple. So there are witnesses backing up the story that this guy pulled a gun on him because he had to make America. Great again hat on. This guy had when the cops got there. Forty caliber Glock, one round chambered. And two additional magazines in another pocket. Wow. Who goes around with two magazines full in their pockets. Concealed carry permit from Tennessee. Whoa. That's highly unusual highly unusual for a concealed carry permit holder to go off like this. They should be pulling that concealed carry permit. Now. Concealed carry permit holders have lower crime rates than police officers. Do just a little bit of trivia for you. But you know, let's talk about these hate crimes the hate crimes and hate crime hoaxes great piece by Cosmas saying, maybe it's time to chill about the hate crimes. Said he he goes through all the reporting on this made it seemed like it was absolutely true. Some of the celebrities and ABC news reporting this jussie smollet performs a troubadour just days after Chicago attack. I had to be here tonight. A LA headline many commenters linked the alleged attack to larger lead sicknesses, the racist, homophobic, attack on jussie smollet is far. Right. America's end game. That's G Q tweet many others echoed that. But maybe just maybe the me you should tap the breaks on these. Remember, what happened with the Covington Catholic high school kids? Well, that was a whole month ago. So who can remember, but you look at it. And maybe it's time. Maybe just maybe it's time to get the facts. I and cosmic goes all the way back to Matthew Shepard. This thing that supposedly America's so homophobic. The people are getting killed for being gay all over the place. And there was a book written about the Matthew Shepard case that says that probably wasn't about him being gay. What of course, it was. There's a play about it. There's kids read about it. Well, the the book noted that he had a meth problem that one of his killers had had sex with him on numerous occasions. And then it looks like the real motive was that. They wanted to steal ten thousand dollars worth of crystal meth that he had. It doesn't make it. Okay. But it's a different story. Now, isn't it? This supposed surge in hate crimes in America. The FBI their numbers out for two thousand seventeen the first year. The Trump administration would supposedly this huge surge of hate crimes was happening. The incidence rate is point zero zero zero zero two percent. Wow. Wow. Now level cosmic says here at the end, he says, listen, it doesn't matter who the president might be progressives always think there's a hate crime crisis and always link it to whatever political narrative, they're currently bewailing when a bomb was in office. It was see elements in this country are so racist. The having a black man in charge is causing them to lose their minds and go out on the rampage. And now, of course, it's because of Trump, but here's the real key. How Bismullah must be to be progressive and rest your political purview on extremely dark assumptions about the nature of the American psyche. They believe America, systemically, racist, homophobic, Zena phobic, anti Muslim and on and on and on. That's what they really believe. That's what they think about you. That's what I think about our country. But then Smith points outlook. These progressives also believe the Miami will shortly disappear beneath the waves because of climate change. But when you ask them, why people are still putting their money up to buy a waterfront condo there with the thirty year mortgage. They simply get angry. When they tell you birth control will shortly be banned. But then on the flip side tell you the women are going to be forced into becoming baby factories, get angry, whatever weird anecdote that supports their larger doom narrative is eagerly and develop believed. And if it doesn't happen, then you have to make it happen. I did a little research. You got this one from November of two thousand eighteen and just in that month. They were telling you about the hate crime hoaxes, November two thousand eighteen was college heat crime hoax month. College fixed does it because they're just outlying outlining all of these fake hate crimes that are happening on college campuses. And you have to start asking yourself if they're such a hate crime epidemic at our universities and colleges all across America. Why would they have to keep making these fake ones? There was offensive graffiti around campus Groucho college in Maryland. Swastikas the N word the names of four black students. One of those black students became was actually the perpetrator. Another one. Drake university. Iowa said Friday that notes with racist. Messages sent to the dorm the students were all traced back to one student. A female. Who claim to be the recipient of one of the letters another hoax. Another November incident Kansas state student broddrick bursts, posted a photo on Twitter the purported to show a note on her apartment door warning passer bys, beware n words live here knocking at your own risk. And she said it's two thousand eighteen and this was posted apartment door. This is still happening here at Kansas state. So if it isn't as evident as already was everybody needs to get out and vote I refused to let this blatant racism. Stop me for moving onward and upward. Police later found out that she actually put the note of herself. These are isolated incidents. If you go we'll get this up on the Schnitt list reporter was telling you about earlier any will he has a listing up a big Twitter threat where he goes through fake hate crime after fake hate crime after fake hate crime. Just during the Trump ears. Right after Trump's election, the southern poverty legal center, recently, stoked panic, pro-gay Piscopo church in Indiana vandalized, with the words Trump and a swastika an anti gay slur turns out it was their own gay Oregon player who did it. He was charged with a misdemeanor days after the Pittsburgh massacre. Trump supporters were blamed for Nazi vandalism at a Brooklyn synagogue and fires the Jewish community. The perpetrator gay black, man. He'd worked with the city council on an initiative to fake to fight hate crimes. One week before the presidential election black church in Mississippi burned in an arson attack. Vote. Trump written on the building investigation revealed demand responsible a black church member. November twenty sixteen Muslim student university of Louisiana said to white racist Trump's supporters, brutally assaulted her ripped off her her job and robbed her story. Went viral. It was a lie. Media never identified by by her by name after the hoax was revealed. And he shook shows just fake hate crime f for fake hate crime pages of this. This is not an isolated incident. I I don't have time to read you all of them. And yet when it happens the story goes viral, and it feeds the narrative that this is a horrible awful evil, racist, sexist, islamophobic, homophobic, xenophobic society, all because the President Trump. And when it turns out that it's fake. He gets reported once in the back of the newspaper. And if you point this out, you are the problem because after all when these people get busted for fake hate crimes. You know, what their excuses? Well, people aren't paying enough attention to the hate crime. So we had to make these fake wants. I mean, it really happens. We just don't see enough. So we had to do this where he's trying to bring attention to a real problem. Why not just bring attention to the real problem? Then. Now, I'm not saying there's no such thing as racism in America. That'd be stupid. Of course, there is. But the racism in America today. Is miniscule compared to what it was. And it's not systemic. And the more we try to act like we're still stuck in Jim crow days, the more. We're perpetuating this victimology and victimhood is keeping people down. And not helping them live their best life not helping them reach their fullest potential. You gotta start wondering if maybe some people don't want everyone to recycle full potential because then maybe they won't vote for maybe they won't need them anymore. Maybe they won't need the government to do everything for them. What do you think eight hundred eight hundred eighty nine ninety nine get you onboard the program eight hundred eighty one eighty nine ninety nine and you are in how this how about one of the Americans who left America to go. Join isis. And now she says maybe that wasn't a great decision. Oh, man. You gotta hear this coming up in just a minute. My name's Greg napping for Schnitt on the show..

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