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We believe that a wedding planner needs to own a football calendar and our bars are full of beer drinking when eating fans who agree with us unless you're secretly trying to cut down your guest list, then kudos on the great strategy. Buffalo Wild Wings escaped to football. Please. Drink responsibly. These around the rim with let China Robinson basketball fans. I would say it's your favorite time of the week. But we right adop-. Our second podcast of the week. It is around the rim. Your ESPN w women's basketball podcast. I'm your host China Robinson joined by my fabulous producer to Rica foster Bradsby, and we are dropping podcast on a Friday pod. Going up on a frown fries. Yes. Because we got a phone call in opportunity to be an exclusive interview after a pretty major hiring the WNBA shout out to ally. Horowitz, who is the PR PR Representative that makes that what you would call it PR. That's what you would call it. Yeah. Right now, the -secutive enough, but ally gave us an opportunity to talk to the newly named head coach of the LA sparks drum roll, please. Case you haven't heard Derek Fisher five-time NBA champ. Their Fisher is the new head coach of the LA sparks if you haven't been paying attention. Former Elliott sparks head coach, Brian Adler resigned as of November thirtieth and a comprehensive search per the release when Brian resigned started immediately, but that search didn't last very long because on December fifth. Derek Fisher was hired. And there has been a lot of conversation, obviously celebration wherever you have someone who has achieved at level of basketball that Derek Fisher has changed at to be a part of the WNBA to be a part of the sparks organization, which is very obviously close to Lakers, which you know, his contributions on that side as well. So a lot of excitement a lot of criticism is well some rumblings. There's. A bit of coverage out here right now. I mean, you can follow any of the great people that cover women's basketball. Whether it's Michelle voelpel or how're Meg dole. Or Rachel Gallaghen. Had a really interesting article asking some questions and actually continued to use the quote bet on women who he was interesting, but she had some questions about in concerns about the hiring of Derek Fisher who has never coached women's basketball, never coached, the WNBA assistant or at any at any point. He did have a stint with the Knicks. He was their head coach from two thousand fourteen to twenty sixteen record of forty ninety six. So the question, I think has been at least the one I've heard because been why not maybe hire a woman and you hear that. Because there are so few opportunities for women and this is a women's league. There are a lot of former WNBA players that are coaching. So that's a question. We've heard. Why not hire someone who has given to the women's game at some level? When you look at the Brian advocates of the world or the Kurt Miller's, or you know, a lot of the men we see in the WNBA head coach is now Fred Williams who's not with the team. But these been have given their lives to growing women's basketball in particular. And basically the question is just what WNBA player would ever get an NBA head coaching job without that experience. Agreed. So we're just here people to educate. That's what's Rican doing in. We want to have these conversations, and we wanna talk and listen. And so if you have any thoughts, please remember you can reach us at around the rim pod on Twitter or around the rim podcast at g mail dot com with your thoughts, but we are here to talk to Derek Fisher..

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