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We were asked about the collision and the investigation into the collision you're still underway the first collision grant uh hurt most people were aware of the one that could play can you when a destroyer uss gerald uh hit a are workrate broader collided with very um uh a merchant ship in the approaches to tokyo harbor uh you know if not a complete investigation on not least publicly but what the navy relief so far is their judgment bridge crew heard what they call insufficient cooked regional awareness which means pick weren't entirely aware of what was going on outside in front of noses well go the question is why and the investigation will help reveal uh i suspect that training in crawl and um we'll know more about trap but at the same thing happened mr kraft's set if i may the saint they hate him with with the us as mccain and a correct me if i'm wrong sir aren't these aren't these these these are the navy ships that have the antiballistic system that could possibly possibly shoot down any missile lobbed by kim jong own now you're absolutely right komo the problem here fleet it is being challenged right now uh exactly four a among other regions by uh north korea and uh and bishen aggressiveness and could be reacting to ships with ballistic missile defense capability is not good margaret growth not good for our allies and it's going to send the navy scrambling to find replacement and the navy is already where you overstretch that subject of the book wile and tell us about china's actions in the international waters of the south and east china sea sir well china iran crying too kern international waters of the south china in the east china sea into chinese territorial water and this is important because worn they're not international waters according to the definition given by the lob who treaty towards china is a signatory that it also crew it's also a problem for the united states because shouldn't who jeff from administration the united states has a mild prime nation that depends upon trade with other countries over the fees has worked very hard to make sure of a.

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