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5 to 5 long term care dot com That's 5 to 5 long term care dot com. Real time traffic 6 44 brought to you by the Emerald Queen to see no one hears Harmon shape. We're trying to get lanes Open north out of my five. Too bad Rex that are just north of the five curve there, basically the first one involving a couple of semis, one of which spilled milk all over the freeway. Environmental teams involved there with a clean up two left lanes getting through and then just north of there, someone hit a pedestrian. It turns out on I five North bound just before four this morning, so it's a fatality crash investigation. Trying to get that worked on it. Looks like the right lane is open now along with the right shoulder, but traffic still backed up from a least 38 going through this whole area. They're easily a 15 minute delay on that and probably 55 minutes because a lot of people used 5 12 of the Valley Freeway to get around this The lineup is miles long, starting basically a Portland Avenue now crawling down the hills from Puyallup onto the Valley Freeway at the Valley, three way itself slows into South Auburn. It's not bad beyond that Europe against about a 55 minute delay there. Now we've got an accident coming into downtown Seattle North bound five it about Michigan. Now it's blocking the H O V lane. That slow back to Boeing Field. I already a real time traffic on the threes. I'm Harmon shake. Join the all new Emerald Queen Casino Player's club and open up a world of exciting perks all month long on Lee at the Emerald Queen Casino, the entertainment capital of the northwest way, have a rainy morning We're going to see scattered showers. Most of the rain right now is centered from Lynwood north with some mild one's self comma down towards Olympia. Anyway, that will continue until it tapers off. Just trying to figure out where we're going here on that..

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