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Reports of a mountain lion attack in Nevada county appear to be premature. It wasn't a mountain lions. But most likely a human who left. The victim bleeding by the roadside with a six inch gash neck people who found the man along. You bet road say he kept pointing to the woods to indicate. He was afraid that whatever attacked him would return, but fish and wildlife department captain Patrick forces people jump to conclusions. Night dark didn't have all the information as the morning came on. We got look around. We got some more information, and is higher likelihood that it's a potential humanitarian as opposed to out. Last victim was hospitalized in sheriff's. Investigators hope to interview him about what exactly happened last night on you bet road, George Sampson, NewsRadio KFB K or a mountain lion. Which survived. The Woolsey fire is dead that big cat known as p sixty four had the nickname of culvert cat for repeatedly using a culvert to cross the busy one zero one freeway. Biologists tracking his movements using information from a GPS caller say that he was found last week and was badly burned. But the cause of death remains unknown p sixty four was in the seamy hills just above oak park when the Wolsey fire started, but eventually found a remote area to stay safe. People are trying to the pieces and get back to normal life in Butte county, part of that is kids going back to school, but with so much loss to the campfire school supplies are running low. Oh, that's where you can help starting today area school districts and the Sacramento county office of education are collecting pencils paper tissues, and all sorts of school supplies. Tim Harare's communications director for the county office of education at some point, you know, will gather those supplies. We'll collect them and deliver them to Butte county for distribution to teachers up their supplies can be dropped at the county education office and may third or at the district offices of elk grove unified. Folsom Cordova, Galt robust, San Juan Antoine rivers unified, the devastation was so great. I mean, fourteen schools were damaged or destroyed and all ninety nine schools in that county were forced to close and that kept more than thirty thousand kids out of school that list of drop off locations and more information is at KFC K dot com. John Brennan, NewsRadio KF feel-good story for your family's been re reunited with their cat after it stayed behind during that deadly wildfire in northern California that fire leveled their home in northern California. Courtney were blow and her family returned to her parents burned home in paradise. Over the weekend and found their cat timber. Standing near the ruins or blow recorded a video of the emotional moment when she spotted the beige cat with a Brown. Face looking at them from off in the distance, and Mike we actually have that video cave dot com. Sacramento, police say a man believed to be responsible for as many as five armed robberies is behind bars. Officers arrested Keyshawn Braxton Friday night, not long after the latest armed robbery on Northgate boulevard. Braxton was found in possession of the firearm that was likely used in the Friday night robbery. Now, he's been connected to a series of Norwood avenue hold-ups in north Sacramento. Over the past couple of months church officials say a pair of nuns embezzled, a substantial amount of money from the southern California Catholic school where they worked and they used it to pay for gambling trips to Las Vegas casinos. Spokeswoman for the archdiocese of Los Angeles says that embezzlement went on for about ten years during that time Sister, Mary Margaret Krueger was principal of Saint James Catholic school. In Redondo beach sister. Lana Chang taught eighth grade. They're both retired earlier this year, the nuns belong to the sisters of Saint Joseph's of Karen delay. Both say that the nuns have apologized in are promising to make restitution Alarkkan says that the exact amount involved is still being tabulated some Oakland. Teachers staging an unauthorized walkout demanding a better contract. More than one hundred teachers called in sick this morning to pick it in front of city hall calling for smaller class sizes and a twelve percent raise over three years. The district's only offering five percent over the same period it calls. Today's sickout illegal action. The union admits it was not sanctioned Oakland teachers have been working without a contract for more than a year talks are currently in the fact finding phase which could lead to a strike vote..

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