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But Roddy Roddy net was riding with it. Was Malcolm McDowell saying it was Roddy McDowell. In Clockwork Orange and Malcolm McDowell that was Malcolm Mcdowell? Oh okay good because I felt a lot. Better about this McDowell apes. Yeah so okay good. I'm glad that those two are separated my mind because I was like I really liked them. And clockwork orange could roddy McDowell who everybody hates. Wrote a letter to Rodney Dangerfield. This rejection letter. That said that he had not had enough of the kind of roles that allow performer to demonstrate mastery of his craft. Basically you're just playing Rodney Dangerfield and we all know it. Even though he had all the credentials to get in right so Rodney Dangerfield. He's like let's see what year is it. Nineteen ninety-five What's new? What's on the horizon? The Internet I think will build the world's first ever entertainment website and he built his own website and realized that this would be a great place for his fans to come vent their anger and it was as a matter of fact this gate like this one thousand nine hundred five and his bands came on. And we're like to heck with the academy that kind of stuff and the academy actually relented and said you're in man. Aaron Rodney. Come on what's right. And what did he say no he said thanks but no thanks? He still has a website. Rodney DOT COM. And if you go to that despite his earlier there's a section called jokes and had audio clips. I was like. Oh this is great But it's not him. It's some dude reading like as bad as me a really just saying his little one liners over and over and it's not in front of people it's like dead quiet jude thing as jokes. It's really weird. I can't tell you how much I love. The cover. Comedian idea. Just stealing from other comics. Such taboo we just need to just get out in front of this own. Yeah it makes up like Mitch Hedberg and Rich Little Mind Stephen. Right there in the middle. Perhaps yeah I like it. So that's Rodney Dangerfield. Everybody that star show if you wanted anymore your Sol. Yeah you clamp if you want.

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