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Gary McNamara. Eight six six ninety Red Eye Radio coming up from CNN from yesterday where democrat out there talking about the why you should impeach Trump. And getting pushback from Jake tapper was really really interesting that it's there. There's nothing new that keep going back to the same old same old things that aren't obstruction Justice. Right. And we'll get to that coming up in a little bit. It's like come up with something new because they haven't. And also did you see that the head of the the college cheating rain? Pleaded guilty, by the way. There was a deal. He pleaded guilty. And and he could serve close to seventy years in in prison, but he walked through and says seven hundred and fifty families. He goes, look, I did it all I arranged. And we'll have some of what he actually said. And just how deep this went coming up following the bottom of the hour because it is really fascinating one wonders how often this happens you, and I talked about this earlier. We've got a lot of discussion. Well, universities aren't fair. There's not fair and there's illegal, right? Nothing is completely fair that you're going to find someone who says that's not fair in any equation. That's not fair because that's not fair because. You can then you have to to have the legal discussion of what is against the law, and what is not. In today's world. There's there's a number of influences, I guess along the way. In any given chain of events. About the response has been well politicians walk into these offices of these, you know, the dean's office or whatever and shakes a hand. And then all of a sudden his kid gets in. You know? That's that's on the. Because at that point. That's that is them looking at if the kid is smart enough passes, the the SAT with flying colors. And it helps the school and recruiting. Wow. This is the grandson of the former vice president. They can boast about that. We got the whole thing that, you know, legacy isn't fair. We're not talking about what's fair. Recruiting and you can say you don't like them to use that as recruiting if it works. They're going to use that as recruiting as long as it's legal. Then I'm I really don't have a problem with it. I don't I don't operate that way. I don't endorse people that way because I think the problem with that arrest of that is all of a sudden, he's a senior he's the grandson of the former vice president. Oh, then it comes out to the former vice president committed a crime because if you live by that sword, you die by that sort and that's the risk. It's like any political endorsement or any endorsement of anybody who was famous who is wealthy who was a high profile. Well, if they're not family, it's going to be hard to get my endorsement, but that's not the way those schools operating as long as they're operating legally. Then I really don't have a say so there because I'm not sending them at least. I'm not saying sending them tuition for any of my children. I may be sending them some of my tax dollars. And I would love to see. Oversight reform that level. Well, we've been screaming about that and here, and and a private school really can have whatever they choose as to what qualifies you to be a better candidate to go to their university. Doesn't have to be fair. Right. Doesn't necessarily have to be based on grades as we know. Right athletes. Get in even not atheletes posing. We'll.

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